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An Epic Story of a Spicy Chicken Nugget That Goes Viral and Earns Him a Permanent Home

An Epic Story of a Spicy Chicken Nugget That Goes Viral and Earns Him a Permanent Home

Rescuers at the Rio Grande Valley Humane Society come across all kinds of stray cats, some of which are pretty moody. That doesn’t bother them, though. If you show these feisty cats some love, they quickly become great pets.

But their newest animal friend was a whole different story. He was not like any other kitten they had seen. The rescue told everyone about his story, and it went viral right away!

The story began when the team saved a gray and white tuxedo kitten. They quickly understood that this wasn’t just another poor animal in need of love and care.

This cat was really cool! He asked to be treated like a king and didn’t say sorry for it. They hoped he would change, but he wouldn’t stop being sassy for anyone. He was named Spicy Chicken Nugget, which was a great name.

Spicy Chicken Nugget
Image via: Facebook

The staff at the shelter had a lot to do with Spicy. He walked around like he owned the place and made fun of everyone else. He didn’t hide the fact that he thought he was in charge.

The team put his story on their Facebook page as soon as they learned their new friend had a serious attitude. They had no idea that their post would win so many hearts.

If this cat could talk, the story about Spicy would perfectly show what he would be like. This is how it began:

My name is Spicy Chicken Nugget.” I’ve been seeing my picture around. “Listen up—everyone here knows I’m the boss.

At this point, you probably think you know what happened: another stray kitten being a cat. Trust me, that didn’t happen. This cat not only had a cattitude, he pretty much made the word up!

Image via: Facebook

Spicy’s list of adoptions looked like a statement. It told what he liked and didn’t like about his ideal home. This fiery cat wanted to stand out, not because he was cute, but because he was brave enough to show who he really was.

Without a doubt, he wasn’t interested in just any human friend. Because he was a king, he wanted someone to give him a country. He thought he had earned it, you know?

Spicy’s story went popular as soon as people read this extremely honest and funny post. I have to praise the person in charge of the shelter’s social media for making it so funny. That’s what I call clever ads!

People on the Internet were so interested in this Texan cat that adoption offers came in right away. People liked how he didn’t say sorry for anything and how unique he was.

Image via: Facebook

This simple request is what got Spicy a forever home. He was adopted the next day after his story was told.

He was taken in by a loving woman who received him with an open heart (and a brave one, since he was so hot).

It looked like she liked Spicy for who he really was and accepted him with all his funky flaws.

But once he found the right person, Spicy finally let his warm side show. It looked like this sassy cat fell in love with his owner and felt better about people in general.

Spicy Chicken Nugget
Image via: Facebook

Wow, love can do so much, right?

So that people would be even more moved by this love statement, Spicy shared another touching post:

I don’t know, I might be being too nice, but you should know that there are LOTS of other kittens here at the humane society waiting for their owners too.

Even though Spicy’s change from spicy to sweet made people cry, he had to end his emotional journey with a bit of spice by saying:

You can praise me all you want.” I’ll always be in charge. “SEE YOU!

It turned out that Spicy’s cattitude really did lead to his happiness. He was brutally honest, which paid off in the end and showed that being true to yourself can lead to the best things.

Spicy Chicken Nugget

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