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McKay’s Rustic Log Cabin Has An Adorable Barn-Style Addition.

McKay’s Rustic Log Cabin Has An Adorable Barn-Style Addition.

The allure of a beautiful Rustic log cabin getaway is undeniable. Nestled amidst nature, these rustic retreats offer a sense of peace and tranquility that’s hard to find elsewhere. But what if you crave a touch of modern comfort alongside that classic charm?


Enter the enchanting McKay Log Cabin, a stunning example of where farmhouse chic meets log cabin comfort.

Living Large in a Cozy Space: The Open Floor Plan

Step inside the McKay Log Cabin, and prepare to be embraced by a sense of warmth and togetherness. The open floor plan seamlessly blends the living room, dining room, and kitchen into one cohesive space, perfect for family gatherings or entertaining friends.

Imagine cozy evenings spent curled up by the stone fireplace, a crackling fire casting a warm glow, sharing stories and laughter with loved ones.


The exposed wooden beams overhead add a rustic touch, while the ample windows bathe the space in natural light, creating an airy and inviting atmosphere.

This open concept allows the conversation to flow effortlessly between the different areas, fostering a sense of connection throughout the space.


The Heart of the Home: Kitchen & Dining

The kitchen, designed as a corner nook, seamlessly integrates with the dining area. This clever layout maximizes space without compromising functionality. A beautiful tile backsplash adds a touch of personality and complements the warm wood tones of the cabin. But functionality doesn’t take a backseat here.

The kitchen is fully equipped with all the necessary small appliances and cookware, ensuring you have everything to whip up delicious meals during your stay.

Rustic log cabin


Imagine whipping up a gourmet feast for a special occasion, or simply preparing a quick and easy breakfast before heading out for an adventure.

The adjacent dining table, with its modern chairs, sits nestled within the open floor plan. This creates a perfect spot for meals together, encouraging conversation and connection while enjoying the view through the nearby windows.

A Masterful Retreat: The Master Bedroom

After a day of exploring the surrounding hiking trails or simply relaxing by the crackling fireplace, retreat to the inviting master bedroom. This spacious haven offers a sense of tranquility, perfect for unwinding.

A plush king-size bed beckons you to sink in and enjoy a restful night’s sleep. A private gas fireplace adds a touch of warmth and ambiance, ideal for curling up with a good book on a chilly evening.

Rustic log cabin


A modern touch is introduced through a green accent wall that beautifully contrasts with the wood-paneled ceiling, walls, and floors.

This unexpected pop of color adds a touch of personality and reflects the beauty of the surrounding nature.

Luxurious Comfort: The Ensuite Bathroom

No luxurious escape is complete without a spa-like bathroom, and the McKay Log Cabin doesn’t disappoint. The stunning en suite bathroom boasts a jacuzzi bathtub, perfect for soaking away your worries after a long day of adventure.

Imagine sinking into the warm embrace of the jacuzzi, letting the stress melt away as you gaze out the window at the breathtaking scenery.

Rustic log cabin


A large window positioned above the bathtub allows you to bathe in natural light while enjoying a truly restorative experience.

A corner shower adds functionality without compromising style, providing a refreshing start to your day or a quick rinse before bed.

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