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Gorgeous Log Cabin With A Beautiful Interior Design

Gorgeous Log Cabin With A Beautiful Interior Design

The gorgeous log cabin Imagine escaping the everyday hustle and bustle for a weekend getaway nestled amidst the natural beauty of Western Canada. This is exactly what awaited Paul and Patty Marshall when they accepted an invitation to spend a few days at a friend’s fantastic log cabin.


Today, we’re taking you on a virtual tour of this stunning retreat, highlighting its charm and amenities that are perfect for relaxation and family fun.

The Showpiece Living Room

Stepping into the cabin’s main floor, you’re immediately greeted by the breathtaking great room. Imagine a wall of windows showcasing a panoramic view of a glistening lake.

The true magic lies in the seamless blend of rustic elegance – exposed stone and log work create a warm and inviting atmosphere, while the expansive windows connect you seamlessly with the breathtaking scenery.


The living space caters to various moods. Curl up with a good book in one of the cozy chairs nestled beside the fireplace, perfect for a quiet evening in. Gather with friends on the plush sofas for conversation or game nights.

Or, simply spread out and enjoy a blissful afternoon nap with the crackling fireplace as your soundtrack.

A Modern Kitchen for Culinary Delights

Just behind the dining table lies the well-equipped kitchen, conveniently located near the stairs leading to the upper and lower floors.

A delightful surprise awaits families with children – a dedicated breakfast nook with a bar area, ensuring a smooth and cheerful morning routine.


Modern amenities elevate the kitchen’s functionality. Stainless steel appliances, including a large oven and a six-burner range, cater to both home cooks and culinary enthusiasts.

Imagine whipping up delicious meals for a special occasion or simply preparing a quick family dinner – this kitchen is equipped to handle it all. Plus, the ample counter space provides plenty of room for prepping ingredients or enjoying a casual breakfast together.

Dining Area: Perfect for Gatherings

Next to the living area sits a generously sized dining table flanked by benches on two sides. This versatile space can effortlessly transform from a formal dining setting for a celebratory meal to a casual spot for everyday family dinners.

Gorgeous log cabin


The simple yet rustic charm makes it ideal for game nights or lively conversations with loved ones. Picture laughter echoing through the room as you share stories and enjoy delicious meals together.

Cozy and Light-Filled Bedrooms

The main floor boasts several bedrooms, each offering a haven of comfort and natural light thanks to windows on all sides.

Gorgeous log cabin


These versatile spaces can be configured as a master bedroom, a children’s room, or a welcoming guest room. Imagine waking up to the gentle morning light filtering through the trees, creating a peaceful and rejuvenating start to your day.

Spacious Bathrooms for Convenience

The master bathroom is a haven of comfort and functionality, featuring ample storage space for toiletries and personal belongings.

Gorgeous log cabin


A full bathtub and shower combination caters to both a refreshing start to the day or a luxurious soak after a day of exploring. Additionally, a separate bathroom on the main floor provides convenient access for guests or regular use.

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