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Curious Cat Calvin Gets Stuck in Storm Drain, Makes Purrfect Escape!

Curious Cat Calvin Gets Stuck in Storm Drain, Makes Purrfect Escape!

Cats are known for their curiosity and penchant for trouble. Unlike their canine companions, they might not always recognize danger lurking nearby.

This inquisitiveness can sometimes lead them into sticky situations, just like what happened to a playful feline named Calvin.

One Tuesday morning, around 7:30 am, a resident spotted Calvin’s head peeking out from a storm drain by their driveway. Alarmed, they immediately called the town for help.

Soon enough, a team comprised of police officers, highway workers, and animal control officer Lisa White arrived on Harbor Road to free Calvin.

At first, the brave kitty tried squeezing out of the small opening, but to no avail. Weak meows filled the air as the rescuers brainstormed ways to help him.

Recognizing that brute force wouldn’t work, the team devised a plan to carefully remove the heavy metal grate. Both the grate and Calvin were then transported to the Mass-RI Veterinary ER.

Keeping Calvin’s safety in mind, Lisa secured him in the backseat and drove cautiously to the animal hospital. The vet team, already waiting in the parking lot, wasted no time. Calvin was gently sedated for the delicate procedure.

It was a tense moment, as Lisa later shared with The Providence Journal, “We weren’t sure what to expect.”

Thankfully, the rescue was a success! Using soap and lubricants, the vets were able to free Calvin from his metallic trap. A thorough examination revealed he was likely between 1 and 2 years old.

Despite the ordeal, which undoubtedly left him cold, exhausted, and with a few scratches, Calvin emerged unharmed. However, his stay at the Swansea Animal Shelter wasn’t exactly a meow-gical time.

He wasn’t too thrilled about being there, displaying a bit of grumpiness. But when his owner arrived the next day to take him home, Calvin’s heart overflowed with joy. Mom’s arrival turned his frown upside down!

The exact cause of Calvin’s predicament remains a mystery. Lisa speculates that he might have entered the drain from a nearby beach, either while fleeing something or simply getting lost in his adventurous spirit.

Adding to the intrigue, Calvin’s owner revealed his mischievous side. “He definitely has a naughty streak,” she admitted.

Thankfully, Calvin’s story has a happy ending, all thanks to the swift actions of the concerned resident, the police, highway department, and animal control.

While Calvin’s love for exploration is undeniably charming, let’s hope this experience serves as a valuable lesson (or nine!).

Here’s to hoping his future escapades are a little less drain-related and a whole lot safer!

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