You’ll Love The Log Cabin Open Floor Plan In The Loudonville

Welcome to Log Cabin an open floor plan, which is often included into the layout of log cabins, is something that we are strong proponents of having in a home. Although it has a traditional appearance that harkens back to the origins of house design,


It is still quite effective in the modern culture in which we live. This is due to the fact that it has a classic look. Open floor layouts have been more popular over the last several years, and we couldn’t be more smitten with the open floor plan that this Loudonville log cabin provides for its guests!

The Front Porch

We look for properties that have porches that are not just spacious but also have a variety of comfortable sitting alternatives to choose from.

The possibility of having a more alluring experience at this site is unquestionably increased by the availability of vintage rocking chairs made of wood.


To make this space more comfortable for lounging or entertaining visitors, you could put in a porch swing or even a small bistro set. Both of these options would serve the same purpose. Both of these choices would be solid ones to choose.

The Living Room

This vast living area can be found on the main level, along with the kitchen, which can be seen to the right of this photo, as well as a dining nook that is positioned behind the living room. The kitchen can be seen in this picture.

They have organized a lounging area in one of the room’s corners with a couch, chairs, and a television. This seating area is located near to the fireplace.


A living room that is both traditional and airy, making it an excellent choice for families with small children and other members of the family.

It is a lovely log cabin that is both warm and welcoming as well as practical, all while keeping loyal to the traditional log architecture that you are used to and appreciate.

There is nothing exceptional about this property; rather, it is a pleasant log cabin that is both warm and inviting as well as useful.

The Backside

The rear of the log cabin has a large room that is entirely surrounded by windows on one wall, giving the impression that the area is open on all sides.


It is very stunning, and its design was conceived with the idea that it would act as a separate place appropriate for each of the four seasons, complete with a warm and inviting atmosphere in which to unwind.

It’s possible that you are also familiar with the compact table that is situated in this precise area. This area has the potential to function as a home office, but it can also quickly and simply be converted into a dining room for the benefit of the children.

The Kitchen of the Log Cabin

In the kitchen, which is arranged in a corner and is conveniently accessible from the living room, you will find white log cabinets, magnificent brown and black worktops, an island with a burner built into it, and a great deal of additional storage space.

log cabin

The fact that the top level can be quickly transformed into a breakfast nook by just adding a few bar stools to the room is one of our favorite features. In fact, this is one of our favorite aspects.

The Bedroom of the Log Cabin

The fact that this house has huge bedrooms with high ceilings is an additional advantage that it provides to the people who buy it.

log cabin

In addition to the several windows that are situated in this room, there is plenty space for a king-sized bed, a wardrobe, or even a chair in which you can unwind for a few hours while reading your choice book and taking in the breathtaking views that are visible through the room’s windows.

The Bathroom of the Log Cabin

The master Bathroom has a dual vanity, which is one of our favorite renovations to this property. The master bathroom is also one of our favorite spaces in the log cabin as a whole, so this is a win-win situation.

log cabin

Both the bowl sinks and the bespoke log cabinets are highly beautiful, and when combined, they provide a large amount of space that can be separated into a “his and hers” area that can be readily tailored to fit the tastes of each individual user.

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