You can relax with your family on the A-frame.

Together, You can relax with your family on the A-frame. ourselves tremendously. Host who is friendly and accommodating. Pleasant setting and brand new home with a view of the surrounding mountains and a riding stable not far away.



The breathtaking Bran Castle and, on days when the sun is out, free electric vehicle charging using solar power.

A serene setting that is completely outfitted A house made of frames. In close proximity to a wide variety of tourist destinations, as well as stores and restaurants.

The cabin is stunning, and it provided us with everything we required to have a home-like experience there. The self-checkin went without a hitch.

As soon as you set foot on the warm and inviting wooden porch, a sensation of serenity washes over you.

The undeniable allure of the traditional A-frame architecture,

Which is characterized by a characteristic triangle roofline and tall windows, establishes an instant connection between the warm and inviting interior and the magnificent natural setting that is all about you.

 When you step inside, you are met by a cozy and homey atmosphere that is enhanced by the sound of the fireplace crackling and the welcoming seating arrangements.

Because of the A-frame’s generous layout, there is more than enough space for the entire family to congregate in comfort and make memories that will last a lifetime.

This retreat celebrates connection in a way that no other does, whether it be by engaging in thought-provoking talks, eating rich meals, or simply enjoying in the presence of one another.

The stunning views that can be seen from the huge windows serve as a constant reminder of the natural magnificence that lies beyond, luring you and your family to step outside and engage in activities that will remain in your memories forever.

Therefore, relax, rest, and revitalize on your next family vacation in the heavenly embrace of the A-frame, where cherished moments are ready to unfurl and new memories are waiting to be made.

The A-frame was just a short walk from the beach.



The opulent A-frame that is only a short distance away from the shore. It is in close proximity to the water, making it an excellent choice for a relaxing vacation in 2020 that is also monitored by security cameras.

In this picture-perfect setting, the bungalows can be found tucked away among pomegranate, olive, and fig trees.

The A-frame itself Beautiful location with a host that is both nice and friendly. Gokhan assisted us with cabs, and he responded to our messages in a timely manner.

The location is really orderly and tidy. Even when it’s incredibly hot outside, you may still enjoy the cool air and the sensation of being close to nature while sitting in the bungalow.

The beach at Calis is within easy walking distance from the bungalow.

The location was spotless and offered a high level of convenience and comfort.

We had a lovely time during our stay in Fethiye, Turkey at the large flat that Gokhan provided for us. The beach was easily accessible on foot from the hotel, making the location an excellent choice for travelers.

The cozy cottage has a convenient location and offers a high level of comfort. Both the center of town and the beach are easily accessible from here. Because the family also lives on the site, there is a strong sense of community there.

Cabin with an A-frame design



This cabin is an A-Frame design. MidPark is the epitome of Rural Scottish Chic and benefits from beautiful views across the Deveron Valley. It was designed by our Designer In Residence and is one of our newest developments.

The cottage is located on more than 700 acres of permaculture gardens and grounds, and it features wonderful riverbank, woodland, and meadow walks, as well as hospitable pigs, sheep, and chickens, in addition to a wealth of native species.

The king-sized bed and British and Scottish designer furniture can be found inside the cabin, which gets its heat from a wood-burning furnace imported from Scandinavia.

The hot tub in the cabin is heated by wood, and both cooking and dining can be done outside.

The larch A-Frame cabin can be found in a section of a field referred to as a “park” in Scottish, which is another word for a field. Sheep frequently graze in this field.

The location was exactly as stated; it was clean, roomy, and well-equipped with all of the conveniences that anyone could require. The surrounding environment was very quiet.

An adventure awaits you in the Swedish hot tub! wonderful site, and the river walk was a huge hit with our pet.

The new style of A-frame on the mountain



This is a straightforward mountain cabin that was constructed in the same manner as mountain cottages that have stood in that location for many years.

People who resided in this area were once responsible for keeping an eye on shepherds and the flocks that they cared for.

It is possible that it will be found in a remote portion of the forest that is situated within the boundaries of the Majstorovina municipality.

This section of the woods is situated at an elevation of 950 meters above sea level and is situated 10 kilometers away from the Bjelasica mountain range.

We are distant from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and situated in the heart of a breathtakingly beautiful, tranquil, and natural area that is surrounded on all sides by oak and beech trees.

This beautiful setting provides several opportunities for relaxation, such as going for a walk in the woods or savoring a cup of coffee, tea, or homemade brandy while watching the sunrise; hence, it is an excellent choice for a vacation destination.

Our location is ten kilometers away from the summit of Bjelasica, which can be reached on foot in about two hours and fifty minutes.

On the mountain, you will find lookouts, meadows that appear to go on forever, beautiful panoramas, and hospitable hosts who spend the summer months in the mountains with their herds.

We are located in an area that is 18 kilometers away from lake Sisko, 40 kilometers away from lake Biograd, 13 kilometers away from Bijelo Polje, 110 kilometers away from Podgorica, which is the capital city of Montenegro, and 65 kilometers away from canyon Tara.

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