Woodfire Hot Tub A-frame Cabin!

In this episode, we’re turning a Woodfire Hot tub A-frame Cabin!

This A-frame cabin is located in Gold Bar, Washington, United States about an hour and a half outside of Seattle and beautiful mountains and scenery that the Pacific northwest gateway to Stevens Pass is a popular skiing snowboarding and right on Skykomish river as well.

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This A-frame cabin has been completely restored and decorated by a local photographer this cabin is tucked away amongst the trees and there are mountains right behind it.

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This A-frame cabin can sleep four guests which is a nice offer and the outside of this A-frame cabin is such a gorgeous look it is very cozy and fits in with that Washington aesthetic nicely from the dark wood and the trees all around, it’s very beautiful and then there’s even a camper over on the right side where you can take photos here, it’s very cool.

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The living space

When you walk in it is a pretty open concept it is very bright and spacious the first you will notice is the living room which is beautiful and comfortable there is a leather couch with some nice seating and a cool coffee table in the middle and just all the decor pieces all around this with the plants and the candles everywhere it just looks cool and cozy and it is just tucked away in this corner with all the windows, it looks very beautiful and right next this is a backpack for hiking.

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Across from the living room are the game area and record player and a lot of things here to pass the time or to enjoy with your friend and family and then, of course, you have the stairs that lead up to the top part of your A-frame cabin and behind the stairs is a cozy area that has a tiny bed for some guests to sleep on.

The kitchen space

This kitchen space of this A-frame cabin is very large that located in the middle and there’s a dining table which is this beautiful wood dining table with the bench the host has laid out and decorated very nicely with all the stuff right here and then on the wall behind this there are a lot of dishes it is very cool.

IMG 5058

This countertop is very large and open there’s a clean and slink sink with a huge window that leads the fresh air and the sunlight and on the left side there is a regular stove and an oven and underneath the countertop, there are a lot of cabinets and then you have your fridge of course so this is all of your kitchens look very good and then it overlooks the living room area as well.

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The Bathroom

This full-size bathroom is very huge with a tub and shower combo and there’s a vanity on the right and the washer and dryer are on the right next as well, this is a pretty simple bathroom and it just looks bright and clean which is always nice.

IMG 5061

The Upstairs level

The first thing on the left side is a kind of a workstation or just a bonus area there’s a desk
and a small Roku tv so you can watch Netflix and relax with it.

The last part of this upstairs is the master bedroom and it’s just a pretty simple bedroom you can lay here with that TV right in the middle of the bed and enjoy some Netflix and they even have a cool light up here that makes it look like there are stars everywhere it’s very minimalist upstairs but practical and usable which is great.

On the outside of this cabin, there’s the cedar wood fire hot tub in the back of this cabin property you’ll walk out your back door and you’ll take a stroll up to this decked-out area and this is where your wood fire cedar hot tub is at it can fit three people in here which is pretty big for a wood fire hot tub.

Thanks to Levi Kelly
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