Woodbine Retreat: Log Cabin Away From Home In Nashville

Welcome to Log Cabin you will experience the utmost level of comfort that is physically possible during your time spent in Nashville, Tennessee, in the United States when you stay at the Woodbine Retreat, which has been designed to provide the impression of a home away from the log cabin.


The Exterior

Because there will be no other guests staying at the vacation rental while you are there, the entire space will be yours to utilize in any way you see fit during your time there.

The Woodbine Retreat is a bright and open refuge that is drenched in natural light and is situated only 12 minutes away from both the airport and the core of the city. The retreat’s location provides easy access to both the airport and the heart of the city.

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You are welcome to make use of the rental property’s off-street parking, wireless internet access, and Netflix, in addition to the swings and chairs that are located on the property’s big front porch.

The Living Area of the Log Cabin

The owners of the Roswell property have done an outstanding job, all across the property, of combining historical and contemporary characteristics.

Directly adjacent to the traditional kitchen, which features a rock wall as the backdrop and an old range, you have access to a cozy lounge area that is furnished with sofas and a television.

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Cathedral ceilings make it feasible to have beautiful windows positioned above them, which let in a significant quantity of natural light. This makes cathedral ceilings a desirable architectural feature.

Older buildings often have vaulted ceilings known as cathedral ceilings. Because the floor plan is open, it is simple to create a living area that is both intimate and broad, and it may even include a dining space that is close to the kitchen.

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This is all made possible by the fact that the floor plan is open. The open layout of the floor design is largely responsible for all of this being realizable.

This setup is fantastic for either entertaining guests or eating meals with one’s family. It’s quite flexible and adaptable.

The Kitchen of the Log Cabin

The kitchen is a marvelous construct that, as was stated before, incorporates components from a variety of periods as well as locations all over the world.

The kitchen features a traditional range, an old-fashioned deep farmhouse sink, as well as wooden log cabinets and drawers for storage.

In addition to that, you have a refrigerator that is made of stainless steel, which is a pretty cool material to use. A stunning homage to days gone by that, at the same time, incorporates the conveniences of the present day.


They chose this rock design rather than a more sophisticated tile backsplash because it has the appearance of something that may be included in an older log cabin.

This is because the rock pattern has the appearance of something that might be included in an earlier log cabin. This is because it gives off the impression of being something that could be included.

The installation of a farmhouse sink, the likes of which have witnessed a surge in popularity in recent years as a direct result of the growth of modern farmhouse design, is the option that makes the most sense about this specific kitchen.

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