Wonderful Tiny House With Beautiful Interior

Welcome to Tiny Hose at every nook and cranny, this contemporary compact home is brimming with many beautiful details. White is the color tone that is used for the outside of the home.


The Living Area

When you follow the entrance on the main level, you will be immediately transported into a living room environment that is both spacious and welcoming. This will happen as soon as you enter the room.

On the other hand, even though the furniture in this room is contemporary, the walls and finishes in this room are made of light wood, which is quite similar to the kind of wood that is found in a log cabin.

There is a stunning stone fireplace that can be found in the very center of the tiny house. This fireplace is one of the most treasured improvements that we have made to our property.

A partial wall has developed on the main level as a result of the fireplace, which, in addition to being open on both sides, is also a contributing element in the formation of the wall.

tiny house

The living area is differentiated from the kitchen and dining room by the use of this wall, which serves the goal of division.

A wall divides the living space from the rest of the tiny house, and these stunning wooden stairs are located just behind the wall that separates the living area from the rest of the tiny house.

You may use them to ascend to the second floor, and you can use them to descend to the basement. Both of these levels are potential destinations.

The perfect combination for any tiny house combines aesthetic appeal with practicality, but in a log cabin like this one, it is particularly crucial to have both of these qualities inside the residence.

The Dining Area of the Tiny House

In addition to the two bedrooms that are located on the ground level of the home, the dining area, kitchen, and living room are all located on the same level as the rest of the tiny house.

tiny house

Every single square inch of the home has been used in a manner that is not only practical but also visually beautiful, and everything has been meticulously thought out.

To provide a relaxing atmosphere in which to sleep, the bedrooms have been outfitted with very comfortable beds.

The Bedroom of the Tiny House

As soon as we reach the upper level, you will find a space that is just designated for you without anybody else in the area. For your comfort, the bedroom in this part is furnished with a double bed, and it also has a bathroom for your use.

tiny house

The persons who are employed at this location have access to a nice workplace as well as a dining room inside this facility.

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