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Used Shipping Container Turned into Minimalist Micro Cabin

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In this episode, we’ll see a DIY micro cabin built inside of a used shipping container.

This Shipping Container Cabin is located in Quebec, Canada.
This Shipping Container Cabin is located in Quebec, Canada.

This cabin was built with a used 53-foot shipping container, the container was cut in half to create two identical cabins, and to close off the ends that were cut they finished it with a full stunning glass wall the cabins insulated with 3-inch foam boards they also added a second roof to protect the shipping container from the elements but they left an air gap between the two for ventilation.

Used Shipping Container Turned into Minimalist Micro Cabin. Used Shipping Container Turned into Minimalist Micro Cabin.

I love the design of this container cabin it’s clean and modern and at the same time with all the wood on the inside, it’s really cozy and warm.

The outside has a bit more of an industrial look which creates an interesting contrast between nature and the container house and it still manages to blend in perfectly with the surroundings so overall this is a really nice functional tiny space with a few additions like maybe a bit more storage some plumbing and a shower.

Beautiful Shipping Container Cabin

The Outside of this Shipping Container Cabin.
The Outside of this Shipping Container Cabin.

It’s so important to show that tiny spaces can still be functional, livable, and beautiful all at the same time. Bigger isn’t always better and we’d love to see more diversity in the sizes of homes that are being built to accommodate a whole range of preferences.

The Back of the Shipping Container.
The Back of the Shipping Container.

Stepping inside

When you walk in, it’s a pretty simple open-concept layout and it actually feels kind of like a micro condo feels like a typical room often before walking into a shipping container home or cabin I think it might feel a bit narrow or boxy but this doesn’t feel like that at all it might be thanks to that huge window at the end and the two other windows here.

It feels quite nice in here and the container is only about 8 feet wide 8 feet tall and 26 feet long. So starting at one end there’s the bed where it’s positioned right up against the window so you have an amazing view when you’re in bed.

There’s also a blind that you can pull down if it’s sunny or if you want some privacy and they’ve even added this little cushion here this little pad on this wall so you can kind of lounge here and use this as a couch and look outside.

The Kitchen of this Shipping Container Cabin

This is a really simple kitchen, this cabin is fully hooked up to the grid for electricity so there is a two burner electric cooktop here there’s also a fridge and a small toaster oven and there’s also a fan here for ventilation one thing you’ll notice it’s missing is a sink.

The Kitchen Area of this Shipping Container Cabin
The Kitchen Area

This is a rental so what they do is you get your water in a jug you use that for drinking water and for your dishes you bring them up to the main cabin and wash your dishes there.

There’s a small table for dining and hanging out here’s the electric heater that’s the main heat source for the entire cabin it also happens to be just under the coat rack so it pre-warms your coat before you go outside.

The Dining Table in this Cabin
The Dining Table

Here’s something really important in any living space a comfortable place to hang out and lounge and relax so that’s the couch and it can also be a second bed for guests.

The Bathroom of the Shipping Container Cabin

The toilet, it’s a Sun mark composting toilet it’s really easy to use you just add woodchips after every use and it’s continuously vented to the outside so there are no smells as you can tell there are no showers in here.

They have a separate shower block for all the cabins they did that to keep things simple so they didn’t have to add plumbing and the gray water system in each cabin.

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