Unique Tiny House With a Charming Interior Design

In this episode, we will see a Fantastic Tiny House With a Charming Interior design

This tiny house is located in Waco, Texas, United States it’s right in the heart of Waco’s downtown it’s a beautiful city in Texas.

The Exterior

This home is very slim and long that looks like a shotgun home is it a smaller slim home that goes back pretty long so layouts can be pretty interesting the color and the wood on the front side, and all the detail and design it is very nice.

The Interior of the Tiny House

The interior of this house is very spacious the ceilings just go straight up high first thing you will notice is your living room space feels large because the ceilings go up up the roof.

There are a couple of seating options and the chairs and the furniture and then you got a unique coffee table on the right side, it’s very beautiful and you also have a little TV in here for you to enjoy some movies.

The kitchen of the Tiny House

There is a centerpieces island right here set up for dining they have these wooden chairs underneath on the side and this huge sink beautiful faucet of a sink that’s in this inland and there’s also a dishwasher and the rest of the wraparound kitchen.

In this part is your main countertop space there are subway tiles and these floating shelves they have this hanger over here for your cast iron wear which is a cool decor piece and these cabinets are all drawers which is a unique design.

The Master Bedroom

The bedroom it’s dark and blue painted color in here and it looks really good you just have your bed right here with nightstands and some wooden shelves and you have this huge mirror in here and of course a dresser pretty minimal and simple bedroom.

The Loft of the Tiny House

This loft is just kind of like a work area there is a couch up there that can fold out into a bed if you needed and there is a workstation up here and that is really about it huge loft with a lot of potential.

The Master bathroom

This bathroom is gorgeous from the stone countertops to the stone tiling in the shower and just the size of the shower and you have two sinks in this huge mirror that takes up this whole wall one thing to note is where you put your shampoo and conditioner.

The Backyard Area

This backyard is very private there’s fencing all the way around you got a fire pit in here with some seating options for you to enjoy with your friends or your family.

Tiny house

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