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Unique Modern Tiny House

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Hello, everyone!
In this episode, we’ll talk about a unique modern tiny house in Atlanta, Georgia, United States.

The Outside Area

There are two homes on this property and you just pick whichever gate is yours and you open it up and you walk into your very secluded private entire backyard area with your tiny home for this one you open up the door and the yard is very large.

The first thing you’ll see on your left is this raised-up concrete slab which has a ping-pong table outside which is really neat and as you can just tell there are vines all over this fence they even have some lights all over this fence as you walk right in and then you greet you’re a large area which is your main area.

There are two chairs over here kind of in this corner nook surrounded by the vines and the bushes and the greenery and you have a solo fire pit.

It is a spoke less fire pit so it’s perfect for if you’re ever in the city or around other homes this is a perfect fire pit to have and just put some wood on this and have your fire enjoy your evening together with your friends and family.

You’ll just notice some more plants and more trees and you get your massive dining table. That is outside it is a really cool wooden table out here with these yellow chairs and it’s right next to the wall that has all these vines on it.

It looks really cool with all the trees with it around it. It just all fits in with this environment super cozy and secluded.

Inside this Tiny House

Whenever you walk in this really cool door with all these windows in it you’ll are greeted into your tiny house.

The first thing you might see though is you kind of enter your living space area which is pretty normal I think for homes to enter your living space you have a two-person couch and it faces the front door move in and out or wherever you want.

It’s really neat that a tiny house has enough space for a couch that is put in an appropriate area I have attached to the kitchen area is this hand the table with two seats.

This is kind of a living room space it looks cool the chandelier light is really awesome and it’s an inviting place.

On the left side is definitely my favorite part of this tiny house is this nook where the master is, it is this enclosed nook so you can open and close these doors and you can be private in here whenever you’re sleeping you can be blacked out for sure if you want it to be.

It’s just this own little area that is really neat and it looks really cool inside this tiny house so if you’re not using it you just keep the doors open and it makes the space feel a little bit larger and more inviting.

If you’re using it, you can close it inside of course is your bed there is a TV inside there are also two windows that can close the blinds at night if not you can leave them up and just the decor in here looks nice and that goes all along throughout the house which is a great design feature.

The Kitchen of the Tiny House

This kitchen is definitely very large for a tiny house because it’s on both sides actually it takes up a lot of space there’s a lot of countertop space to be used on the right side.

On the side of the kitchen, you have your white cabinets love the sinks that kind of stick out like this with a big bowl looks cool and you got more just countertop space and you got some floating shelves up above that have your some of your dishes you also have a dishwasher in here as well which is unique to a tiny home.

On the other side is your ladder to get to the loft we’ll get to that in a second you have a side table right next to the couch and then you get your other part of the kitchen which has more cabinets this houses all of your cooking utensils and dishes and your trash can but up above it you have your stove top there’s two burner piece for cooking needs.

The Bathroom

You have a huge bath from the left side you actually have a full tub and shower with subway tile which I love and it just looks really cool what tiny house has a bathtub and then the first one I’ve seen and you got your toilets with the window right above it.

On the right side, you got your full vanity sink course a huge mirror, and just some nice decor pieces that fit with the bathroom, and the white wood fits and goes through the bathroom as well also something unique about this is a tiny house as a washer and dryer combo unit, it is tiny so it fits in with the home.

The Last Part of This Home

We will get up on the ladder this ladder is movable you will move the ladder wherever you want and you’ll just climb up tier grand loft area.

This is the largest loft in a tiny home I have seen there’s actually space for seating they have these two cushions, these floor cushions to sit on and you can fit a couple of people up here if you had to.

There are windows up here all along the sides and you have your full bed right in the middle with some lights above it and it just looks really cozy up here surrounded by all the wood.

Experience tiny living without giving up all the comforts of home. Relax in this charming 2 bedroom 1 bathroom designer tiny house loaded with all the amenities. You can rent this beautiful tiny house for $134 per night.

Thanks to Levi Kelly. 💚

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