Unique Log Cabin Stunningly Furnished in a Rustic Style

It is only a few minutes away from the log cabin Timber Creek Trail Merchants, such as the Mountain Fork Brewery & Pizza, the Shuck Me Restaurant, the Okie Girls Ice Creamery, the Knotted Rope Winery,


The Tasting Room Bar, and Hochatown Distilling Company, as well as local gift shops. In addition, it is only a few minutes away from the Hochatown Distilling Company. In addition to that, the Timber Creek Trail Recreation Area is not far away.

The Exterior

If you arrange a stay in the Attitude Adjustment log cabin, which is a one-bedroom property located in Eagle Mountain West and has surprising elements of luxury throughout, your time spent in the Broken Bow region will be even more unforgettable.

The Attitude Adjustment log cabin is a property owned by Eagle Mountain West. This particular cottage is one of the accommodations that can be found within the Eagle Mountain West complex.

The Inside of the Log Cabin

The high ceiling in the open space that is made up of the living room and the kitchen is the first thing that is brought to your notice when you approach the property through the front door.

This is because the living room and the kitchen are both located in this open area.


 This ceiling can be found in the living room and is adorned with star-point embellishments. This ceiling is located in the open space that connects the two rooms, and it functions as a walkway between the two.

The living Area of the Log Cabin

The living room features a sofa that, when opened out, transforms into a bed that’s the size of a queen, in addition to giving a number of comfortable seats.

You will have the opportunity to feel a higher sense of immersion in the information that you are watching as a result of the provision of a high-definition television that has a screen size of 55 inches. 


Because of the on/off timer that is included with the kit for the gas-burning indoor fireplace, you will never have to stress about starting a fire again. Because of this, you won’t ever have to stress about the possibility of starting a fire.

The Kitchen of the Log Cabin

In the area that has been assigned as the kitchen, you will find up-to-date log cabin hold appliances such as a gas stove, oven, microwave, and dishwasher.

 Every one of these tools is an excellent illustration of the log cabin cutting-edge and contemporary forms of modern technology. In addition to that, it is possible that the space in question is where a dishwasher is kept in the kitchen.


A slow cooker, an electric drip coffee maker, a blender, and a hand mixer are some examples of the log cabin more compact pieces of kitchen equipment that may be purchased.

During mealtimes, the table next to yours has enough space for four individuals to sit down there without anyone having the impression that they are being squished or confined in any way.


This is because there is a sufficient quantity of free space available at this table, which makes it possible for this to be the log cabin.

The Bedroom

You will see a king-size bed as you make your approach toward the bedroom, and it will reflect both the expected grandeur and the expected amenities.

When you walk into the room, you will see that the bed has already been set up and is prepared for your use.

The master bedroom has a high-definition television (HDTV) with a screen size of 50 inches that guests can use with their membership to Direct TV (pay-per-view is not an option).


Guests can use the television to watch television shows and movies. The television in the master bedroom is available for use by guests.

The television is made accessible for guests to use, and they are more than welcome to watch movies and programs during their stay. Both the screen on the computer monitor and the screen on the log cabin high-definition television have the exact same dimensions.

Because this is also the space that log cabin the high-definition television, the master bedroom is the place where you will find it if you are looking for it.

The Bathroom

In addition to these features, the tiled surround for the shower in the master bathroom has not just a sizable walk-in shower but also a log cabin large soaking tub, a double vanity, and additional counter space.

Walk-in showers are all the trend these days, and this particular style provides a substantial amount of space to move around in.

log cabin


This location provides you with the pleasure of the log cabin washing and dryer combination unit that is both full size and stacked for your use, so providing you with the convenience that you desire.

The Fireplace

In order to exit the building and obtain access to the back patio, you are requested to use the doors that include glass panes in the upper part of the entrance.

This deck offers a wood-burning fireplace, a hot tub with enough room for all of the people who are currently inside the hot tub, and seating for a total of four people. In addition, this deck has a dining table that seats four people.

log cabin


When utilizing a gas grill that is fuelled by propane, one is able to enjoy the pleasures of preparing meals outside while still being able to bask in the warmth of the sun and breathe in the fresh air.

This is made possible by the grill’s ability to maintain a consistent temperature.

As a direct consequence of this fact, carrying out the activity is not a very difficult undertaking. A circular building can be seen just below the deck in the yard.

This building currently the log cabins the fire pit that was only recently placed there, and it serves as the location for the fire pit.

log cabin


Your visitors have been extended a kind welcome to congregate around the fire pit and take advantage of the warmth that is provided by the fire itself.

They can create some very memorable moments by roasting marshmallows and other sweets over the flames of the fire while they are gathered around the fire. This will help them bond together.

log cabin


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