Unique Log Cabin In The Glaciers, With Captivating Interior

Once again, the log Cabin has achieved success that is more than what the company had anticipated being possible as a result of the launch of the Glacier log cabin type.


 This house, which is built in the ranch style, has all of the amenities that one may desire in a cabin, in addition to the conveniences that make it simple for any family to move in without having to make any previous preparations. The home is also constructed in a way that makes it seem like a cabin from the outside.


About The Cabin

The pricing range for this specific model begins at $164,000 and goes as high as $375,000, with the starting point being $164,000 for the most affordable option.

There is a vast variety of solutions that may be employed, and these solutions can either be free or paid for, and each of these solutions can either cut costs or raise costs.


The Inside of the Cabin

Because the inside of this log cabin achieves a good balance between traditional characteristics and those that are contemporary, it is a setting that is perfect for living a life that is both straightforward and complicated at the same time.

 This is because it is a setting that strikes a pleasing balance between traditional aspects and those that are modern.

There is a big possibility that you will be satisfied with the choices and amenities that are provided if you decide to purchase this residence for whatever purpose,

The inside of this particular building has a more conventional appearance thanks to the use of light wood on the ceiling, walls, and flooring.

 A floor that has been stained to a slightly deeper level produces an accent effect while yet preserving the natural aspect that you find to be most appealing.

 Whether it be a family home, a holiday house, or just a rental property.

This is because there is a high probability that you will be delighted with the dwelling’s location.


With this home, you get the best of both worlds thanks to the vaulted ceilings in the great room as well as the partial loft that is located on the second floor.

The open great room has a classic wall of windows, which allows a considerable quantity of natural light to enter the space.

Because this home has an open floor plan, it is well-suited for entertaining large groups of people. This layout makes it possible for the kitchen, dining area, and living room to all flow into one another without any obstructions.

It features a spacious front porch that is shielded from the weather by an A-frame dormer that is located on the outside of the house, so as soon as you pull up the driveway, you will have a sense of being welcomed.

The home has a smaller deck that is positioned at the back of the property. This deck may, if desired, have its size increased or have other amenities added to it.

The Living Room the of Log Cabin

The Zoosk cabin is an excellent option to take into account if what you’re looking for is a house with the atmosphere of a rustic cabin but with all of the contemporary amenities that you would find in a home today.

 If this is what you’re looking for the Zoosk cabin is a terrific choice to take into consideration. The Glacier is just one of the many different floor plan possibilities that are available to you with this floor plan. This floor plan gives you a broad number of alternatives to pick from.


 When I take glance around and see that all of my favorite log cabin characteristics have been blended into the straightforward ranch-style design, it not only makes me happy in my heart but also brings a grin to my face.

They have positioned the rooms in this home in such a way that the great room is located at the end; from this vantage point, it can look out over the land as well as the yard.

 Because of this, there will be more space than before, and it will be feasible to place enormous windows not just on the ceiling but also on each of the room’s four corners. This will allow for more natural light to enter the space.

This wall has plenty of room in the center for television, and an extra source of warmth has been tucked into the corner of the room to make use of the wood-burning fireplace.

The Kitchen of the Log Cabin

You have the choice of maintaining the vacant area in front of the screen in the manner it is shown, or you may arrange the seats and couches in a circle around the range and the television instead. In any case, the decision is entirely up to you.

You can see that the dining table is located to the left of the kitchen and close to the doors that go out onto the rear terrace at the back of the home.


This is a very convenient location for guests. The kitchen and the eating room are joined by a floor design that is open to one another.

Without a shred of doubt, the kitchen is one of the rooms in the house that I like spending the most time in.

It is furnished with full-sized appliances that are made of stainless steel, cabinets made of light wood, gray worktops, and a pantry that is constructed directly into the cabinetry.

Due to its strategic placement, the raised bar that is built into the island makes for an outstanding breakfast nook.


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