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In the episode, we will see a UNIQUE 2-STORY ULTRA-MODERN Tree House located in Nashville, Tennessee.

There is a gorgeous tree house in the background. At this really epic two-story, ultra-modern.

The exterior of tree house

This is the fire pit and hot tub area, so you have a really nice sitting area on this one side and a gigantic hot tub, and near the hot tub, you can seat a comfortable couch with the fire stove.


The Kitchen this tree house

This room is really pretty so you have this nice table with three chairs and the surrounding area this is definitely a nice setup.

So you have everything here, The stove top microwave, glasses, mugs, and coffee supplies and then you also have a stainless steel fridge.

There is a modern dining table set up so you have six chairs right here and a really nice one.

The Living room

This room has the largest couch and can seat seven to eight people alone this couch, and also has a fireplace and SMART TV, and you can enjoy karaoke or Netflix movies with your family and your friend.

The Second-floor Bedroom

This room has a queen-size mattress. you also have a mirror on the left.

The Bathroom this tree house

This room is a very clean and modern shower, toilet, and a beautiful sink you have a towel, and shampoo.

The first Bedroom

There is a modern bed you have a queen size mattress and you have a fan, storage space, a seat, artwork, a TV, and then some bunk beds.


Tree house

The Second Bedroom

This room has a beautiful bed it has a couch and bunk beds like the same room.

Tree house

The Bathroom

This bathroom has a toilet, toothbrush, and toothpaste in the middle of the home and is really simple.

Tree house

The Last Bedroom

There is a pretty similar setup to the other queen size but I just personally enjoyed all of the pillows, you can find a TV on top and a beautiful window outside and enjoy the view.

Tree house

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