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Ultra-Tall Container House With Pop-Top Roof And Brilliant

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In the episode, we will see Ultra-Tall Container House With Pop-Top Roof And Brilliant located in North America and Europe.

This Container House and already had an interest in alternative housing and just thought there was realistic that we could possibly do too yeah and we just think going smaller and downsizing our belongings we’re really,

drawn to that as well just living a little bit more simply and with a smaller footprint with the land around us absolutely, In the bedroom, The standard height on the road is 5.2 meters and 2.5 wide and nine meters long.

This House is really gorgeous we added the carpenter to do the work for us we just wanted to kind of offset the square kind of body feel with that curve and kind of just change the dynamic and you can see the lounge there has a lot of great design options for storage so instead of doing storage left a higher, we do have a little round coffe table so we can share that with your friend’s space and have dinner.

The beautiful wood stove we made For Receiving is cozy and then the tally up here has a television directly on the wall so we ended up going for a swing arm so you can basically push it onto the wall when we’re not using it, so all around that you can see a large window we design it because we want to be connected with nature and so bringing the Outside Inside.

The Kitchen of the Container House

In this kitchen, you can see a lot of space and a lot of storage and we definitely wanted to make sure everything was put away so that it wasn’t open on shelves and feeling really cluttered because of a tiny house, so you can see a sink and the stove and when we cook we open the big gastric Windows as well to open it up and let the fresh air in so we can basically have like a nice servery situation with our friends.

The Bathroom

In the bathroom, it is a really good shower here those beautiful Timbers in this room our cabinet maker Gary, and the wonderful big mirrors so you can find your bathroom we no smell whatsoever and the amount like we did the calculations on the amount of water you use flushing a toilet and it’s just was a no-brainer yeah it’s actually pretty shocking.




The Bedroom of the Container House

This is a bedroom it looks really amazing that looks like a cozy space to sit up there and also have the view of the treetop, this tiny house has so many spaces that couples of the family can have a separate out-of-choice obviously so it’s good to have those little extra design.


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