Ultra-Modern Tiny House On Wheels with Jet Black Exterior

In this episode, we will see an Ultra-Modern Tiny House On Wheels With Black Exterior

This ultra-modern tiny house on wheels with its jet-black exterior is a super beautiful and clever design and high-quality craftsmanship, this tiny house is sure to blow your mind.

The Exterior of the Tiny House

This tiny house sits on a 16 acres property there is a little swimming hole down there and back up the other side of that Ridge there and surrounded by trees and mountains.

The floor is nine meters long by 2.5 meters wide but because of the rakes on either end the roof is a couple of meters long, and the height is four point three on that side to the bottom.

The deck space is quite spacious there is a comfy couch and a storage table right in front and then you got a couple of chairs as well which you can sit here and enjoy the property.

The inside of the tiny House

This interior is stunning the ceiling is pretty high the design here is very interesting and quite beautiful the couple of lights and some plants are gorgeous.

The Living Room

This living room is pretty comfortable there is a couch right next to the wall and floating shelves right above to store your books. Right next to this couch there is a fireplace are there is a fire stove and right across from this side, is your TV so you can enjoy some movies here.

The Kitchen of the Tiny House

This kitchen is pretty modern and luxurious it’s quite spacious as well there is a white countertop space with a huge and deep sink right above and a golden faucet as well.

The window is quite high there is a coffee maker on the right side and then your stovetop with some knives and tons of cabinets below and right opposite is your full-size fridge and microwave.

The Bathroom

This bathroom is pretty modern you got a vanity on the right side with a huge mirror and then your toilet and your full-size shower space as well.

The Loft

This loft space is very large there is a king-size mattress right in the middle with some pillows and these windows bright a ton of light in and then you got a skylight window as well.

The Second Loft

This is your second loft it’s similar to the first one you got a queen-size bed in the middle with windows on each side, and then a skylight window right above.Tiny house

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