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Ultra-Modern Single Level Tiny House with All Black Exterior

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In this episode, we will see an Ultra-Modern Single Level Tiny House with All Black Exterior

The Exterior of the Tiny House

This tiny house is ten and a half meters long by three meters wide the exterior is an all-black design the deck space is quite spacious there is a dining table here with some seating options so you can enjoy your time here.

The Living Space

The living space of this tiny house is pretty large there is an L-shaped couch right next to the wall with some pillows above and then the artwork is very beautiful and the light is unique as well.

On this side, is your dining area the table is folded to the wall and you got two chairs here so you can enjoy your meal here and do some work and you can enjoy the movie as well.

The Kitchen of the Tiny House

This is a pretty modern kitchen and it’s spacious as well it’s a black design as well like the exterior there is a huge sink right above the countertop with coffee supplies and some storage underneath and above.

On this side, is your full-size fridge and your closet it’s a huge closet so you can store tons of things and kitchen utensils here.

The Bedroom of the Tiny House

This is a minimalist bedroom the king-size bed right in the middle with super comfy pillows and nightstands on each side, and right behind that, you got some closets as well to store your clothes.

The Bathroom

This is a super modern bathroom it’s quite spacious and clean and bright there is a vanity on the right side, with a huge mirror and a sink and on the other side is a washer and dryer combo. This is a full-size shower it’s super spacious the showerhead is gorgeous the glass door is perfect and the last part is a composting toilet. Tiny house

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