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Ultra-Modern A-Frame House

Hello, everyone!
In this episode, we will see an Ultra-Modern A-Frame House in Lavonia, Georgia, United States.

The cabin is towering over everything. Ultra-Modern A-Frame House
The cabin is towering over everything.

The lakefront A-Frame house has been designed to provide the perfect getaway.
This home is surrounded by trees and nature.

  • Total 1,500sqft
  • 3 Bedrooms
  • 2 Bathrooms
  • Gigantic Main living room
  • Kitchen Space
  • Lovely Reading Nook Area Upstairs

The most luxurious and high-end A-frame cabin. The cabin overall is quite massive and is one of the largest A-frame cabins I’ve seen.

The Exterior

On the exterior, you have a large outdoor deck and a fire pit, and you’re steps away from your private dock with full access to Lake Hartwell.

Walking up to the front exterior of this cabin. I love the slick black paint job and how that contrasts so well with the orange deck right there that’s on the second floor and connected to the master bedroom.

But now let’s switch sides to the opposite end, this is out in the backyard and this is by far my favorite angle of the exterior.

This gigantic deck in the backyard, but just look at all these windows, it’s so eye-catching. If we go up through the trees real quick as well, this is a bird’s eye view of the cabin.

The Ground Level

In the fire pit area, there’s enough seating for six people just to hang out and it’s tough to beat a backdrop like this, just look at that cabin.

You’ll also notice, now next to the fire pit’s a very long path that leads to the lake. This kinda shows you how close the lake is to the cabin.

The Lake

Walking down this path just know it’s a pretty steep decline but the walk is short and you’ve arrived at your completely private dock.

There are a bunch of lounge chairs all around the dock and on the opposite end, there are also some paddle boards and kayaks waiting for you. This is called Lake Hartwell, it is such a beauty.

Inside this A-Frame House

Walk into the interior, this is the main hallway you’re going to see as soon as you walk in.
We’ll start here in the first of three bedrooms, this is the smallest bedroom out of the three, but I loved all the details in here, like all the cool things.
In this corner, there’s this really interesting-looking window and a modern painting.

The First Bedroom of the A-Frame House
The First Bedroom

The Second Bedroom

It’s slightly larger than the first bedroom. You have a desk waiting for you though in this corner and then right next to the bed, I love the modern-looking nightstand, the lamp, you have a bunch of really comfortable-looking pillows as well.

And now in that right-hand corner, you have a mirror, some cool plants and through that door, this is a closet.

The Bathrooms Inside this A-Frame House

I love this modern countertop setup. Opposite, this is your lovely shower, some really bright and beautiful white subway tile, you have your toilet as well and this last corner is your washer and dryer units.

The Living Space

Let’s check out the best part, this is the great room and as we inch up, look at these gorgeous A-Frame ceilings, as you pan from left to right kinda gives you a better idea of this entire layout, but just look at how to open this space is.

On the left is a dining table in your kitchen area, straight ahead is the hallway and on the right-hand side is the entertainment area.

The Kitchen of the A-Frame House

I think this actually belongs in a multi-million dollar New York city apartment, that’s the vibe it gives off at times. Just look at the size of that countertop space, there is so much room to cook.

Behind the counter to check out some more of the details in this kitchen. In this corner, there is a ton of goodies here, everything from your curate cups to breakfast bars, to hot chocolate, to coffee or tea, and behind the counter, you had your dishwasher and this gigantic sink, absolutely loved the look of this thing.

Now, right next to the kitchen, this is your main indoor dining table, there’s enough seating here for six people and it comes with a pretty cool view.

I just absolutely was blown away by this interior design. You have plenty of seating options here, those two little benches with the fur on the left, that gorgeous green sofa it’s straight ahead, and also these two really beautiful leather chairs on the right-hand side.

Right next to those two leather chairs and television is your staircase
Right next to those two leather chairs and television is your staircase

The Last thing I’ll showcase on the main floor is just the outdoor deck, you have this outdoor dining table and this angle just kinda shows you how the A-frame is nestled amongst the trees, but this outdoor deck is massive.

The Second Floor

So, we’re going to walk on up and I’ll be first welcomed by this really cool, we called “Chill out and Reading space” really comfortable chair and if you look over the railing, we’ll get this incredible view, looking back down into the great room.

The Final Area in this A-Frame House

We’re going to dub this the master suite. First up is the master suite bathroom, I loved all the flooring and the tiling, especially inside of the shower, and also in this corner, you have a really modern-looking sink and mirror setup.

Finally, we’re going to enter your master bedroom, this is definitely one of the most uniquely designed bedrooms.

The last feature is that ladder that leads up into the loft, so hop up top here, and we get another cool view of all those windows.

Thanks to MikeWillTravel!

You can rent this stunning A-frame cabin on Airbnb for $374 per night.

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