Ultra-Luxury House with All Black Design & Unique Hot Tub

In this episode, we will see an Ultra-Luxury House with All Black Design & Unique Hot Tub

Luxury house

The Ultra-Luxury house is quite spacious and can sleep up to eight guests which are pretty cool this house is located in Cle Elum, Washington, United State,

The Exterior of the Luxury House

This is a luxury house they designed the outside with black wood and just all the trimming around it and it just looks phenomenal even with all the lighting, all the light fixtures everywhere are beautiful.

The Kitchen of the Luxury House

This is your luxury kitchen there is all green and white and gold which looks cool you have the green cabinets and the beautiful white countertops and matching backsplash to this and the gold accents with all the handles and even the sink faucet it just looks wonderful.

On this side, your island is located in the middle side, and you got the beautiful white countertop and some seating options on the other side, and right behind that is your dining area.

The Living Space

This living space is very modern and luxurious there are three walls surrounding the living space, there is your fireplace and your couch, you have a couple of seats and then your TV.

The Bathroom of the Luxury House

This bathroom is very huge there is the green cabinets and a white countertop with a huge mirror above and then your toilet and the last part is your tiled bathtub and shower combo.

The Bedroom Space

This is your first bedroom it is a minimalist bedroom you got a mirror and a nice stand on the right side, and then your queen-size bed is a comfortable bed and the last part is your closet right behind your bed.

The Loft Space

This is the first room in your loft space you have two huge bean bag chairs and a TV this is a cozy spot for your kid.

On this side, is your loft bathroom there is your vanity on the right side with some cabinets below that and then your walk-in shower.

The last part of this loft space is your bedroom it very unique there is a king bed along with two additional beds above it.

There is your king-size bed on the bottom and some nightstands on each side and then
right above that are two additional beds you can climb this ladder and there are twin beds on each side.

The Outdoor Space

There is your dinner table is very large and you can eat your meal in
here with your family and your friends.
This is your hot tub and then your fenced-in area the same black wood which is great
and then you have your huge hot tub with the grill right next to that.

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