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Ultra-Luxury Container House With Amazing Interior

In this episode, we will see an Ultra-Luxury 40ft Shipping Container House

container house

Welcome to the Ultra-Luxury 40ft Shipping Container House that was built by Adam from West Coast Container Homes in Victoria, BC Canada.

The Exterior of the Container House

This shipping container house is pretty beautiful and sits in a perfect spot the wood beam everywhere that the host built is perfect.

There is a front patio space with some plants and a glass door and right next to that you got a perfect decking space with a table and sliding door.
Walk Straight ​​to the end you got some chairs to relax and enjoy the time with your family or your friends.

The Living Room of the Container House

This living room is pretty nice there is a comfortable sofa right next to the wall with beautiful artwork on the wall and across from this side, you got a TV that is mounted to the wall.

The Kitchen of the Container House

This kitchen space is quite spacious and bright the countertop is very large you got a slick and deep sink with a huge window right above that to let some sunlight into this house.

On this side, is your cooktop with an oven right above, and then your drawer and dishwasher underneath right next to that is your closet to keep your washer and dryer
and on the other side, you got a dining table.

The Bathroom

The Bathroom of this container house is not too big but still has everything that you need there is a four-foot shower with a glass door and across from this side is your toilet and a sink with a closet.

The Bedroom of the Container House

This bedroom is perfectly designed you got a queen size bed right next to the wall with some floating shelve and storage underneath and a nightstand. Right above that, you got a huge window to let some natural light into this house and behind that, you have a closet to store your clothes as well.

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