Ultra-Luxury 300sqft Tiny Home With Beautiful Beach View.

In this episode, we will see an Ultra-Luxury 300sqft Tiny Home With a Beautiful Beach view.

Tiny home

Welcome to the beautiful and luxury tiny home located in Grand Marais, Minnesota, it’s just a small town but it’s a great place to visit in the summer month to enjoy the view of Lake Superior.

The Exterior of the Tiny Home

This tiny home is quite luxurious the black wood with the dovetail cuts on the edges and overhanging roof and the deck on the front side has a couple of chairs and you have a view of lake Superior.

The Interior of the Tiny Home

When you walk inside this cabin it is quite open and you’ll notice it is very tiny this is a tiny house for sure this whole bottom floor is open and there’s stuff to look at in every corner.

The Wood beams are everywhere and including all these windows to make this tiny home feel cozier and more comfortable.

The Living Space

On the left side, you have a couple of seating options in this back corner a chair and then one that hangs from the ceiling which is pretty cool and then there’s a fireplace on the other side,

The Loft Area

This loft space takes up the entire middle portion of this cabin and the post framework here is gorgeous as well and then this is of course where your bed is tucked up against the left side, there’s a shelf above that.

There’s a window here and then on the other side, there’s another window as well with
a beating bag and a mirror.

The Kitchen of the Tiny Home

This is your small kitchenette area the shelves are open and you got the countertop and this table is like a trolley that has wheels on the bottom and there are two gas burners.

On this side, is your dining table you can sit out and eat your food after you cook and enjoy
the beautiful view from the outside.

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