Ultra-Luxurious VAYHAUS Cabin on Smoky Mountain

In this episode, we will see an Ultra-Luxurious VAYHAUS Cabin In Smoky Mountain

Welcome to the Ultra-Luxurious VAYHAUS cabin located in Gatlinburg, Tennessee, United States with a beautiful view from Smoky Mountain and gorgeous stargaze at night. This VAYHAUS is 1700square feet of living space with three bedrooms and three bathrooms exterior wise it is beautiful the shape is unique with butterfly roofs everywhere and all the attachments. The view in the front is just incredible some of the windows can be up to 15 feet tall for a great view of the Smoky Mountains in the Gatlinburg area in front of you.

The Living Room of the Vayhaus

You walk inside you’re greeted into your main area this place is modern it’s bright and it is just beautiful the ceilings are very tall the wood floor and the wood ceiling are beautiful. These windows are 15 feet tall the beautiful views of the mountains you got a couch with a coffee table in the middle a couple of seats on the other side, and then your TV and fireplace.

The Kitchen Space

This is a galley kitchen on the right side are your microwave and oven and your refrigerator and it all blends in with these beautiful black cabinets and tiling backsplash that just look great. On the other side is your island with your sink the countertop is beautiful more cabinet space you even have a dishwasher on this side as well and the next space is your dining table with tons of chairs.

The First Bedroom

This is your main bedroom space it’s quite high the ceiling is super tall the bed is pretty large and you got nightstands on each side as well.

This bathroom is pretty spacious but it is located in the main bedroom space you got a super huge vanity space and on the left is your full-size shower and your toilet.

The Bathroom Space

This is your main bathroom space it’s similar to the first one you got a vanity on the right side and then your toilet and a tiled shower.

The Basement of the Vayhaus

This is your basement area it is kind of the hangout game room area as well the first base is the living room space for the bottom floor.

The Second Bedroom of Vayhaus

This bedroom is definitely for the kids there are four beds in here two bunks and some bean bags. This is your last bathroom space in this house this one is bigger than the other but it’s the same style.

The Last Bedroom Space

This one you got a huge window as well and a queen-size bed right in the middle this bed is super comfortable and the vanity is on the other side.

The Outdoor Patio Space

This is your outdoor patio space it’s pretty unique so you got an L-shape couch and a couple of chairs and then your TV. Vayhaus

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