Ultra-Luxurious A-frame House in the Wood

In this episode, we will see an Ultra-Luxurious A-frame house in the Wood

Welcome to the ultra-luxurious A-frame house, this house was called the A-frame in the sky because it’s an A-frame cabin and a treehouse at the same time.

The Exterior of the A-frame House

This A-frame cabin is 13 feet off the ground the apex is about 34 feet and each floor is about nine feet of headspace.

Two substantial beams are holding up the structure with these four giant evergreen trees they’re about 90 years old this is the strong cedar.

There is a beautiful tiny little two-person jacuzzi you can enjoy here and look out into the forest and enjoy some peace under the treehouse.

Inside the A-frame House

The inside of this tiny house is just 455sqft it’s an open concept design the building frame was an afterthought or a second thought to putting in these gigantic custom skylights.

The Living Space

This is your living room area you got a big couch right next to the wall with a coffee table right in front to enjoy your morning coffee and on the other side is your fireplace area.

The Kitchen of the A-frame House

This is your kitchen area there is a full-size fridge with high-gloss white cabinets with brushed brass handles.There is a huge sink right on the countertop space with a golden faucet and some cabinets below that and on the other side, you got some floating shelves and a microwave and coffee supplies as well.

The Bathroom

This bathroom is quite spacious and bright there is a vanity on the right side and a sink and then your full-size shower space with beautiful tile and then your toilet.

The Loft of the A-frame House

This is your loft space it’s pretty tiny you got a queen-size mattress with some pillows and a skylight window right behind which you can enjoy the stargaze at night as well.A frame house

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