Ultra-Black Shipping Container House with a Built-in Waterfall

In this episode, we will see an Ultra-Black Shipping Container House with Built-in Waterfall

This all-black shipping container house with a built-in waterfall is located in Columbus, North Carolina, United States that sits on a charming property surrounded by nature it’s such a perfect place to relax.

The Exterior of the Tiny House

This tiny house is built by a single 40-foot shipping container which means there are about 320 square feet of living space in here they added the roof with the deck on this left side, and plenty of parking up here in the front.

The Living Room

The inside of this tiny house is pretty beautiful it’s more of a rustic dark moodier it’s a little bit of Western Vibe with the cowhide rug and the skull on the wall.

The first section is your living room so you got a sleeper sofa this place can sleep for it’s a very nice large comfortable couch for such a tiny space across this wall is your frame TV.

They added the long butcher block bench seat right below it and good for storage or you can just set things here which is great.

The Kitchen of the Tiny House

On this side, is your dining area you got a bar seating right in front of this huge window there are four bar seats here this Live Edge wood table looks incredible.

This is your full-size kitchen there is a refrigerator on the right side and then your L-shaped kitchen Butcher block countertop the black cabinets below you got floating shelves above and then your sink.

The Bathroom of the Tiny House

This is your bathroom space is very unique and modern there is a toilet on the right side, with a vanity right behind that and a mirror, and then your shower space with a waterfall showerhead and subway tile with black grout this looks pretty cool.

The Bedroom

This bedroom is quite modern there is a king-size bed right in the middle it’s super comfortable and you got stances on each side this also has a cool wooden feature that goes all the way up through the ceiling.

The Outdoor Space

The first section on the outdoor space is your net that is located on your deck it’s super cool and right behind that you got some seating up here and then your grill.

On this side, is your hot tub, and then right behind that is your fire pit area and some firewood here for you they got the string lights all around.

The best part of this tiny house is your waterfall area where you got a slash floating bed right above the tiny pond it looks super cool so you can spend your time here enjoying the property.Shipping container houseWe hope you enjoyed the articles.
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