Ultra-Affordable Tiny House With All-Black Exterior Design

In this episode, we will see an Ultra-Affordable Tiny House With All-Black Exterior Design

This beautiful and ultra-affordable tiny house is pretty spacious, minimalist, light, and airy this tiny house is located in Central Coast, New South Wales it’s such a perfect place to live.

The Exterior

This exterior of pretty unique it’s an all-black design and includes a huge outdoor patio area that has a living space area so you got two couches here with a little coffee table so you can enjoy your morning coffee here and enjoy the beautiful view from the property.

The Living Room

The first section of this tiny house is your living room space there is a comfy couch right next to the wall with some pillows here that face the entrance and in the entertainment area, there is a TV here where you can enjoy some movies as well.

The Kitchen

This tiny house is pretty minimalist it’s bright and clean and airy as well this is your countertop space it’s a very minimalist design there is a little sink right here in the middle side and the coffee maker right behind and then your cooktop.

There are a lot of cabinets underneath this countertop and right across from this is your full-size fridge and some closets for you to store anything.

The Bathroom

This bathroom is quite bright and clean it’s a minimalist design there is a toilet on the right side, and your vanity space is right behind that, and then your full-size shower space.

The Loft

This loft is pretty beautiful and unique it’s a classic design so you got a king-size mattress right in the middle it’s a comfortable space where you can relax.

There are windows on each side, this bed and then your TV on the other side, so you can enjoy movies here or some kind of music. We hope you enjoyed the articles.
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