Two Storey Luxury Log Cabin Peaceful Lodge In South Cornwall

Welcome to Log Cabin the Woodland Lodge is an exclusive and opulent log cabin structure that can be found in the middle of the countryside. It is built in the style of a log cabin and has two levels. It is completely cut off from the region that is located in all directions around it.


The Exterior

There is a good chance that you will come across a thick green carpet that covers the area, the rolling hills down to the shoreline, the sandy coves and bays, and the sea that is framed by the whitewashed fishing settlements.

All of these features can be found in the region. This area contains each of these distinct characteristics and qualities. This region of the planet is home to examples of every one of the characteristics and qualities listed here.

log cabin

There are harbor towns and exotic subtropical gardens, wonderful sheltered river estuaries that are perfect for a boat trip, and later on, roaming about the pretty villages and the market towns. All of these things can be found in this region.

This part of the world is home to every one of these things. Every one of these things may be found in this particular region of the earth. This particular portion of the earth is home to every one of these things, and it is possible to find them there.

The First Bedroom of the Log Cabin

The living room, kitchen, and dining area are all open to one another on the lower level of the log home, which offers an open floor layout.

On this level of the cottage, there is another room with a spacious double bed, in addition to a bathroom with an above shower.

log cabin

These rooms have doors that go out to the deck and patio areas that are situated in the back of the cabin structure.

These areas are placed in the back of the building. These outdoor spaces, including the deck and patio, can be reached from any of the rooms.

The Second Bedroom of the Log Cabin

There is a piece of the main bedroom that is longer and has more open space than the remainder of the main bedroom, which is the primary sleeping quarters of the residence and runs the entire width of the building from one end to the other.

log cabin

There is room for the bed on one side of the room, and there is room near the windows on the other side of the room for a sofa or another piece of furniture.

In addition to the additional space that can be used for additional seats or storage if that is something that is desired, this room also contains a walk-in closet that cannot be seen from the main area of the room.

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