Treehouse located in the mountains

The stunning Treehouse and one-of-a-kind property that was just right for our requirements. Everything was precisely as it was described, and Kati was very attentive in answering our queries as soon as we arrived.



The luxurious and aesthetically pleasing treehouse. In addition to being spotlessly clean and inviting, secluded and secure, rich in opportunities to observe local animals, and conveniently located close to the historic downtown area of Columbia Falls, where one can also go shopping and dining.


Following a strenuous day of hiking, we made the decision to take a rest day and spend the entire day lounging about in the quaint treehouse. It was the ideal place to unwind while still being able to appreciate the natural surroundings.


At Kati’s treehouse, we had an incredible time together. The children will never forget the one-of-a-kind event they had! It was a pleasure having Kati as our host!


As a matter of fact, we tied the knot in Glacier National Park while we were there, so it was nice to have such a special and memorable stay as a part of our whole trip.


You can see that the proprietors devoted a lot of time and effort into building the treehouse because it is such a unique and interesting piece of artwork.


This was without a doubt one of the most enjoyable vacations I’ve ever had! The only thing that could have made Montana more enjoyable was if we had an incredible location to stay and could consider it home for a few days.


The treehouse lived up to all expectations! Every nook and cranny of the house was brimming with personality. The treehouse was located in a convenient location, not far from any of the destinations we had in mind.


Undoubtedly, our time spent in the Meadowlark Treehouse was one of the most enchanted and unforgettable moments of our lives.


The treehouse turned out to be an incredible surprise! Unbelievable craftsmanship and architecture, not to mention quite adorable.


We were there for a few days to go skiing and had a lovely time while staying in this quaint treehouse. Even during the colder months, it is toasty and comfortable, and it has everything that one may require.

The best tree houses in the world.




The treehouse was a one-of-a-kind experience that I would suggest everyone to reserve.


However, Hurricane Idailis had other plans in store for us. My stay was cut short for some reason. However, he was a wonderful host, and his home is irresistibly adorable.


The actual tree house was like something out of a fairytale or a movie. It was a wonderful experience for us, and we had the distinct sensation of being completely at home the whole time.


This dazzling treasure was located in Orlando. Erik was the epitome of graciousness and friendliness. He suggested activities for us to participate in, greeted us like members of his own family, and checked in with us to see if we required any assistance.


It was much more beautiful and tranquil than what I had pictured it to be. Erik is very incredible; he and his fiancee showed me around the stunning property while giving me a tour.


The beehive was such a quiet, quaint, and intimate little oasis that was far from the commotion and chaos of everyday life.


The treehouse is a cozy little retreat that may accommodate a maximum of two guests. It was a charming place to stay, and we had a great time while we were there.


Hannah stated that the site is lovely, and it is clear that a lot of love went into building this treehouse.


The hosts were friendly and provided us with helpful information about the distinctive aspects of the property, and the location was ideal for getting to both the airport and Disney parks.


The treehouse was like something out of a fairy tale. Starting with the greeting and continuing through the incredibly thoughtful check-out procedure, Erik is an exceptional host.

This amazing off-the-grid tree house.




all of this and more is waiting for you in this amazing off-grid tree house that is set on 20 acres.


The treehouse is surrounded by a spacious terrace that provides breathtaking vistas of the surrounding forest and sky. The outside space features a stone fire pit, an outdoor kitchen, a furnished screened porch, and a calming stream. Additionally, there is a fun yurt.


In spite of the presence of contemporary conveniences, this garden haven will make you feel like you have everything you need. This is the ideal place to run away to if you want to spend some time taking in everything that mother nature has to offer.


The Treehouse is nestled into the slopes of the forest, and it features a lofty platform that looks out over the primary cove.


This location was ideal for a holiday filled with tranquility and relaxation! The hosts gave everything you could possibly need, and they made sure that all of the directions were very clear.


The scenery was breathtaking and quite calming. The environment was immaculately tidy and very aesthetically pleasant. Even a little something sweet was left behind by Beth and Nick.


The treehouse lived up to every expectation that I had. Very adorable and homey, and the screened-in location just downstairs was one of my favorite features.


We had a delightful time, and the property was lovely and very well maintained during our stay. Our hosts were incredible, and they made sure that we had a lovely time there.


In addition to the living area of the treehouse, there was a TON of other stuff to do at the location.


It is neat and well-organized, and there are some pretty beautiful wooden sculptures positioned at various points throughout.

A Hot Tub in a Treehouse




The “Dreamcatcher” Treehouse is a one-of-a-kind retreat that is situated in complete seclusion high above the picturesque ravine and winding creek.


A gravel path that winds its way through the enchanted forest and eventually leads to a quirky rope suspension bridge that provides access to the treehouse.


The floor-to-ceiling windows, the huge cantilevered deck with an oversized hot tub, and the glass fire pit all provide stunning views of the surrounding area.


The length of the suspension bridge is thirty feet, and it begins at the same level as the ground and ascends to a height of ten feet before entering the treehouse. Rope railings that are both secure and well-maintained are among the safety features offered.


This location was incredible! What an adorable small spot, and it’s so spotless! The shower was fantastic, and the outside jacuzzi with a television was a highlight of my stay.


This was our second time staying at The Dreamcatcher, and just like the first time, it was a great experience. Everything is spotless and in excellent condition.


The Dreamcatcher was an exceptionally lovely place to stay, and its setting was very tranquil. Quite impressed with how well everything was kept clean.


There was not a single thing wrong with anything. It was a comfortable bed. The shower was incredible, and the pressure was just right.


There was only one day that could be accommodated. Because of this, you can tell that it is a very nice location. Plus each and every other review, including the ones that gave it 5 stars.


This is without a doubt the most incredible place to spend the night! It is exquisitely planned and exquisitely arranged to be an extremely comfortable and enjoyable sanctuary overlooking a magnificent forest. The view from here is simply breathtaking.

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