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Treehouse – Amazing Sanctuary, Treehouse in Asheville.

In this episode, we will the Amazing Sanctuary, Treehouses of Asheville.

Amazing Sanctuary, Treehouses of Asheville.

This amazing sanctuary treehouse is located in Asheville, North Carolina it’s a beautiful place there are mountains everywhere with a beautiful scenery view of nature. This treehouse is just 25 feet off the ground it’s super cool, and the craftsmanship and the detail are very beautiful there are textures and different colors all around from the wood to the lighting it’s amazing.

his staircase leads you to the front door.

The Living Space of The Treehouse

This inside is very modern and there are lots of windows to let sunlight into this house consists of a couch and a little rocking chair and right behind that is a TV.

The best part of this living room is this huge window that takes up this whole wall it lets in a ton of natural light and lets you see the gorgeous views from outside. This dining area is amazing there is a bench seat with two seats it’s a wooden table is very beautiful and just fits in with the home and there are some snacks and amenities right here as well.

The Kitchenette of The Treehouse

This is L shape kitchen with lots of cabinets and everything you need all the amenities there is a coffee maker and a large sink and a full-size fridge and microwave above it.

On this side, is your balcony space it’s a very nice place to enjoy nature in the morning or the sunsets in the evening with your friends or your family it is very cool.

The Bathroom of The Treehouse

This bathroom is pretty clean you got a full-size sink right in the middle and all the amenities that involve a bathroom are included as well.

On this side is your toilet with your shower space it is very cozy there is a little window above that to let a ton of sunlight into this bathroom.

The Master Bedroom

This bedroom is quite neat it’s kind of a lofty style it fits with the tree house very well and over to the loft, you got your bed is a small bed-size but it’s very comfortable. This is a tiny deck area there are two comfy chairs at the endpoint and you can sit in here to enjoy the beautiful view of Asheville.

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