Transforming an Old House into a Stunning Black Home

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The Exterior of the home

SHED Architecture has completed the conversion of a 1920s bungalow located in West Seattle into a modern bohemian residence.

This 1921 bungalow’s floorplan was a rectangle with compact and distinct rooms.

which is an arrangement that is not suitable for modern living but was prevalent in workforce housing of the day.

The design team came up with a creative approach to unite these spaces and better connect the home to both its front and rear yards. Instead of carrying walls, a strategically positioned column anchors a new cooking station and pins the three rooms together through a crucial structural element.

The Stunning Black Home

The approach involves removing opaque walls and replacing them with casework and a screen. This makes it possible to let south-facing light in throughout the day and generates visual permeability throughout the house, both from the front to the rear yard and from the back yard to the front yard.

Both the front porch and the back deck were poorly integrated with the house, making them unwelcoming to visitors coming from the street as well as from the backyard.

As a welcoming gesture and as a place to sit and observe the activity in the neighbourhood, a small and steep step was replaced in the front with a broader and more comfortable stair as part of the renovation. ​

The homeowners had another goal in mind for their home, which was to divide it into two distinct areas that are close together.

They wanted the upper level of the house to be able to operate independently from the bottom level,

which could be used in a variety of ways, including as a home office, guest quarters, or accessory dwelling unit (ADU).

In order to better support these functions, the entryway to the basement was upgraded with new concrete steps, which created a spacious and recessed private entrance to the bottom level.

It was now possible for people to enter and exit the house without difficulty, allowing them to take advantage of the front garden and interact with other people in the neighbourhood.

The kitchen was remodelled to include a huge sliding door that leads out to the back yard, where it is now connected to a new deck that houses an outdoor table area and a spot to relax in the afternoon sun or have a barbecue.

A handcrafted and modern take on the bohemian aesthetic was achieved in the home by utilising Kerf cabinets in various locations.

The Bathroom

In the bathroom on the bottom level, for instance, Kerf fabricated a vanity with slanted side mirrors to reflect light and view across the room. This made the room appear larger and more exciting, despite the fact that it was a basement bathroom with limited space.


The Kitchen




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