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Touring an Off-Grid & Sustainable Tiny Home Treehouse

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In the episode, we will see Touring an Off-Grid & Sustainable Tiny Home Treehouse located in Rural Canada.

This Treehouse is of multiple trees and a deck of roofs and in the front of the home your look on the left at those huge windows that are floor to ceiling, the three houses both sustainable and completely off-grid it’s sustainable and completely off gird it’s sustainable and completely off the grid it’s sustainable because the owners utilized as many natural materials as possible to build it.

The Bathroom

The bathroom is really one bathroom in this treehouse. And I really love the lighting fixtures there in the top left and the simple white sink you also have a large black shower with a rain shower head.

The Living room

In this Living room, you have a beautiful gas-powered wood stove. It’s sourced all the way from Norway and it looks and feels like the real deal. You can’t miss that huge super cushiony couch either. I mean, you just sink straight into this thing.

It is one of the comfiest couches 9I’ve ever had at an Airbnb before. And if we can move to the right And if we pan more to the right And there is a book focused on treehouses, of course, for you to enjoy.

The Kitchen

The kitchen is of course, for you to enjoy. it is quite well-equipped, especially for a home of this size. you have plenty of this size, plenty of countertop space, and some nice stainless steel appliances like your oven and stovetop there down on the far left. Everything is also very visible and accessible.


The Bedroom of the home

In the Bedroom loft you have a nice queen mattress which is wrapped up in some organic sheets and some lamps and a small table on either side on the top of each table you have a cool hat which is branded with the fort y tree house.


The Outdoor of the home

The Outdoor you also have a beautiful hot tub just look at the setup and this thing is pretty easy to operate You’re just going to start a fire beneath the tub and it takes a little bit of time to warm up, You can see all the smoke coming out of the chimney here and the tree house there in the background to the right of the tub.


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