In the episode, we will see Touring a UNIQUE MODERN SCANDINAVIAN CABIN located in Montreal, Canada.

The exterior of the home, you can see this cabin is quite sizable. It’s about 1200 square feet in total. And you can see, all this smoke coming from the furthest chimney and you have plenty of exterior amenities, starting first with this fire pit. It’s right near the driveway and pretty simple.

The Living room

This lovely wood-burning stove and all of the fire-starting supplies that you could possibly need. All of the wood, there are even some fire starters, so you have this large sectional sofa and a small coffee table, And then these two comfortable chairs of those floor-to-ceiling windows.

This a dining table it really pretty you can see all around the table is a large window it also makes the place bright and easy to have a meal with your family.

The Kitchen of the cabin

This kitchen is above the massive kitchen countertop island and there are three additional chairs in front of the counter as you can see, this kitchen has everything from your oven and stovetop to your dishwasher to your fridge and freezer It really has everything if you want to cook up a storm during.

The Bedroom of this cabin

The bedroom is pretty similar in size and square footage and we have high-end queen mattresses and linens with the color scheme.

The Bathroom of the cabin

This bathroom is stocked with some local organic bath products and 100% cotton towels, so it’s quite luxurious with the unique shape of that mirror over the black sink. And if you look opposite of all of that, you’ll find a simple shower with some square white tiles and some black finishing across the showerheads in all of the handles.


The Second bedroom

This bedroom is very beautiful so you can see the towels on top of the bed almost like a hotel and the big circle mirror on the wall.


The Third bedroom

This bedroom has slightly more windows than the two other bedrooms that we have a picture of and just saw, and since it’s all the way at the end of the hall it’s a little comfortable.


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