Touring A Custom Built House That Will Amaze You

In the episode, we will see a Touring A Custom Built House That Will Amaze You located in Cle, Washington.

the exterior

This place is beautiful the architect that designed it is blov Architects and the host helped with the design process of this cabin as well let’s walk everywhere with natural lighting it’s just beautiful this whole top level is really vast and you have a great view of the 78 private Acres all around you through the space this top level.

the living room

The living room space this space is large as well you got the really cool looking leather couch here some custom-made board games right on this coffee table and my favourite part is these cloud-like chairs they look like a cloud they feel like a cloud and they swivel you can look anywhere in the cabin I spent a lot of hours while staying here in these really comfortable chairs I like them a lot and you can look right out the windows in front of me these are sliding glass doors.

The dining table is where a lot of the memory is going to be made with your family and friends eating good meals so you got lots of seating here it is a huge custom Walnut table with Live Edge wood on the edges and it’s right in front of this fireplace.  

The Kitchen

The kitchen space has some bar seating on this side of the island you got the sink right here in the middle it is massive but if you don’t want to do dishes there’s a hidden dishwasher and then you got more of countertop space behind me this L-shaped with cabinets everywhere plenty of storage space and they provide a lot of the stuff you need as well the countertops are matte Granite with leather texture.

The bathroom

The bathroom space has beautiful tiling everywhere from the floor into this huge walk-in shower this is a massive shower space with this giant glass sliding door it’s even big enough to have some plants in here and a small window it’s great and then you got your vanity here and then your toilet right behind it there’s just a nice bright bathroom space.

the bedroom

This is your bedroom this is the one I slept in it’s my favourite for the aesthetic of this wall right here these wood slats against this wall with this shelf Inlet are just genius I think it looks amazing then you got the king-sized bed right here in front of it now you might be noticing that these windows in here are just massive the hosts that you wanted bigger and bigger Windows as well and this window lets you look out into the night sky while you’re sleeping here.

This is a little bit different as well same style floor plan out of the huge window but you got the colour on this wall.

the downstairs area

The downstairs area which is just as large as this upstairs down here is the kid area in the hangout area I would say you walk downstairs and you have a large living space right here in front of me a huge leather couch with the TV and vanity on that side of the wall this is a great area if you’re watching some football games or basketball games there’s just lots of space down here.

the second bedroom of this house

In the bunk room here there are two custom bunk beds the bottom bunks are really large and spacious the top ones are a little bit smaller the custom woodwork all throughout is just beautiful there are Cubbies on both sides for the bottom bunks and the steps right here lead up to the top two bunks for easy access and there are even custom lights for each bunk in here if I was a kid whenever I was staying here with all my friends this would have been the dream to come in here and sleep.


the second bathroom of this house

The largest bathroom and has everything you need for your luxurious stay you got the vanity right here my favourite part is the bathtub right next to this the faucet coming out of the wall this just looks really comfortable and relaxing.



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