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A Stunning Floating Tiny HOME

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In the episode, we will see a Tiny Off-Grid Floating Home with Hidden Loft & Spacious Design located in Quebec, Canada.

The floating home is 12 feet wide by 35 feet long and it’s tied to shore with metal cables at all four corners the platform is installed on a set of PVC floats with foam inside.

The Livingroom

In the living room area and here there’s plenty of comfortable seating these sofas are modular so they can easily be moved around to create different seating arrangements and they can also be pushed together to make a queen size bed for guests.

The kitchen of the home

The kitchen has a small sink and a decent amount of counter space to prepare food there’s also a butane cooktop and a good amount of storage all around for pots pans dishes and food.

This is a dining area with table chairs and a large L-shaped bench so there’s plenty of space here to eat and to have guests over.

The Bathroom of the home

The toilet that’s continuously vented to the outside with a small fan and there’s also a large operable window in here for extra ventilation, the only thing missing is a shower but since the floating home is located on a remote spot and Water Management here is a challenge the showers are in a separate building foreign.

The Bedroom of this home

The bedroom you can see it’s a pretty simple setup with a queen size bed and a small night table, the bed there are also two big operable windows for airflow it’s a relatively small Loft but you don’t feel cramped up here and the view is fantastic.

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