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In this episode, we’re taking a look at an incredible hand-built tiny houseboat in Quebec, Canada.

This houseboat was built by richard from dingyou and this is kind of the new and improved model called the korok v
This houseboat was built by <strong>Richard<strong> from <strong>Dingyou<strong> and This is kind of the new and improved model called the <strong>Korok V<strong>

This tiny houseboat it’s basically a fully functional and fully livable floating cabin with an extra large deck comfortable seating and a folding hammock suspended over the water it also has some interesting off-grid systems for life on the water.

The first thing you notice when you come in here is the amazing woodwork everything was handcrafted and Richard’s attention to detail and love for the craft is obvious in every detail and everywhere you look around the boat most of the wood is white cedar it a lightweight wood that’s great for boat building.

This houseboat is built on an aluminum frame with a plywood base and that plywood is covered with a membrane for waterproofing it’s floating on three 25-inch diameter aluminum pontoons it’s 28 feet long eight and a half feet wide and it weighs 6000 pounds and it has a 140 horsepower engine so the boat is divided almost evenly into two parts the front is the deck.

Inside this Houseboat

The back is the cabin so when you enter through the front patio doors you come into the kitchen and dining area in the kitchen there’s a small sink a two-burner propane cooktop and a small bar fridge.

There’s plenty of storage underneath the counter and then there’s also a cabinet here with more storage on top of the counter and in the corner, there’s some open storage with some netting so you can see things and grab them easily for fresh water.

The countertop that’s really nice when you’re on the boat that’s always moving around so you don’t bump into sharp corners.

The Bathroom in this Houseboat

This is a small bathroom, it’s pretty small but it has everything you need in the bathroom there’s a nature’s head composting toilet which eliminates the need for a black water tank there’s a shower.

There’s also a small sink for the shower there’s a shower curtain that just wraps around the whole space like this and then all the water from the shower drains right through the floor here for gray water there’s a charcoal filter on the boat that filters all the gray water before it goes out into the lake.

Toilet and vanity inside this houseboat
Toilet and Vanity
Shower area inside this houseboat
Shower Area

It’s clean in future builds they also plan to add a gray water tank in case there are times where you need to hold on to your grey water and dump it at a dump station for ventilation there’s a small window in the bathroom and this model, they added a second roof vent in the bathroom also so now there’s one in the kitchen and the bathroom that way you can get some really good air circulation in here.

The Back of the Houseboat

Now, we’re at the back of the boat and there’s about an extra foot of length in the cabin here compared to the first build and it does make a difference it does feel a little bit more spacious in here so here you have the dining area that also turns into a bed so all you have to do is fold one of the leaf of the table up unlatch two latches from the base and lower the table so it becomes the bottom of the bed.

And then all the cushions come together to create a queen-size bed and there’s also storage under both benches what’s also different in this houseboat is that there’s a door in the back through that door you can access the rear deck and the motor.

And you can also leave that door open to get a really good cross breeze throughout the cabin for power there are one 300 watts solar panel on the roof and two 6 volt AGM batteries that power the fridge all the led lighting the pump for the faucet and the navigation station and there’s also an option to plug into 30 amp shore power and for heat, the boat has a small martin propane heater on board.

The Deck Area

This is probably my favorite part of the houseboat is the front deck again there’s about an extra foot of space on the front deck compared to Richard‘s first build and you do feel that extra little bit of space over here you got the captain’s chair and the navigation system.

On the other side, there’s a small dinette with two comfy chairs and then there are two large comfortable couches that are great for lounging these couches both have storage underneath.

Two arms open up where a large hammock can be attached and it hangs over the water so it’s a great place to relax and enjoy the view and feel like you’re just floating I can’t think of another time I’ve seen a hammock hanging over the water on the boat like this.

There's also a large Bimini that can open up and cover almost a whole deck so you can get some shade on a hot sunny day and probably one of the most impressive features of this houseboat is the front hammock.
Theres also a large Bimini that can open up and cover almost a whole deck so you can get some shade on a hot sunny day and probably one of the most impressive features of this houseboat is the front hammock

That’s a pretty cool feature and the arms that are holding the hammock and the roof rafters inside were all handmade by Richard they’re all put together with separate strips of white cedar and they’re all laminated together and bent around the mold to get that nice curve so this is quite an impressive piece of work.

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