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In this episode, we will see a stunning Tiny House located in Hillsboro , Ohio, United States.

The Exterior

This tiny house on wheels 32 feet long by eight feet wide it’s not on wheels anymore, we painted it black it was blue we’ve added a couple of Windows to the entire interior is totally different.

After we built this deck around it now there are multiple levels to the deck and it kind of looks like it just is what it is when you walk down here.

This main area has a couple of chairs and a fire pit out here to overlook the property and we even added some a small dining chair over there and some planter boxes down here.

The Interior

The Remodeling job was really extensive everything here is basically brand new except for the walls and the ceiling it’s 32 feet long by eight feet wide very typical for a tiny house.

But ours is a little special it’s taller than most at 14 feet high and it’s all open space there’s lots of Windows also a lot of good natural light.

The Living Room

The living room is actually functional most tiny homes we’ve visited don’t have a full-size couch you don’t have much seating.

But here you can really lie down and lounge in this chair gorgeous so you can watch TV and enjoy your holiday it is really comfortable.

The Kitchen in the Tinyhouse

This kitchen has a sink and stove you can cook In the kitchen space, we did keep the original cabinets painted gold knobs to mesh our gold sink and refrigerator magnet with the kitchen table.

Tiny house Huge before after interior remodel

The Bathroom of the Tinyhouse

The bathroom was very spacious for a tiny house underneath the Loft the before was different there was a washer and dryer the toilet was in a different spot there wasn’t a tiled shower or a closet it was perfect.

Tiny house Huge before after interior remodel

The Bedroom in this Tinyhouse

This bedroom is a queen size bed that is super comfortable opinion added a memory foam topper to it the sheets are cozy they’re green from Quince European linen.

Tiny house Huge before after interior remodel

We also have a light and window you can open these up super easily that over there’s also a TV up here it doesn’t work because we don’t have internet but if you wanted to bring that gaming.

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