Tiny House With Main Floor Capsule Bedroom

In the episode, we will see Tiny House with a Main Floor Capsule Bedroom located in Salt Spring Island, British Columbia, Canada.

This Tiny House is an extra small tiny house with a unique interior design this tiny house is call the unicorn on salt spring island and BC we’ve spent a few nights in here, and this house is 22 and a half feet long going from the outside edge of the porch to the front of the gooseneck so on the inside is probably about 19 feet long and it’s eight.

The Bedroom

There’s a window at the back the ceiling is very high and then on the top of that there’s a nice big doorway at the front so it still feels claustrophobic at all it’s a nice cozy spot for hanging out reading and watching movies in the laptop there’s also some nice shelving on the three walls and some hooks on the side of the bed for a bit of storage as you can see the two steps to get up to the bed are pretty high.

Tiny house

The Bathroom of the Tiny House

This bathroom is very pretty compact but there’s everything in here there’s a full-size stand-up shower down here a separate urine diversion toilet and the wood chips are here for the toilet there’s a bit of storage in this cubby right here a bit more storage behind the mirror and then there’s a little space saving corner sink right here.

Tiny house

The Kitchen of this Tiny House

In the kitchen, there’s a full-size sink a two-burner propane cooktop, and then the electric bar fridge down here there’s a bit of storage on top for some dishes there’s a small drawer here for cutlery under the sink, this kitchen area is very important for getting rid of the moisture and cooking smells in such a small space.

Tiny house

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