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Tiny House – Unique Fairytale Cottage In Massachusetts.

In this episode, we will see The Unique Tiny House In Massachusetts.

The Charming Rustic Home In The Snowy Mountains

Welcome to the inch injure Bret house this place takes you back in time when you look at it from the outside it just looks like you’re in a fairy tale or you’re a Keebler Elf.Tiny House

The Outside of The Tiny House

This property of this building is a vibe you have lots of trails to walk back on to the pond you just have beautiful scenery.Tiny House

This tiny house is very unique the recycled wood looks like it’s from the 1500s or something with the arched door and the light that’s on the outside of it with the stained glass.Tiny HouseThere is some seating on the outside it’s cold and snowy, take a look on the other side that’s the ability and you will see the huge window which is located in the bedroom.

Inside The Tiny House

Inside of this tiny house is an open wide design the host has a combination of the kitchen and the living space it’s a very cozy vibe design.

There is a pellet stove on the right side and at night it gives this house ambient lighting, the seating area is a little limited the couch or bench just ties right into the whole space= it’s made out of the same wood.
The coffee table is right in the middle and with a few extra chairs over to the right you have kind of like the dining table or the seating area where you can eat at.

The Kitchen of The Tiny House

The kitchen area is not too big in this tiny house there is a microwave and coffee maker and a little fridge, and there is a little sink with some cabinet space.

The Bathroom Space

The bathroom is all modern you don’t feel uncomfortable in there at all there’s plenty of space to shower, there’s a lot of space and it’s a normal bathroom.

The Upper Level of the Tiny House

tiny hosue
This spiral staircase leads you to the top floor of the tiny house.

This floor is very bright and airy there are a lot of huge windows that let all the light which is very beautiful at night you can look out and see the star with the fresh air it’s very amazing.

The king-size bed is right in the middle it’s very charming and comfortable, there is a drawer for your clothes or you can store anything under the bed.

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