Tiny House – Ultra-Modern 144sqft Tiny House

In this episode, we will see an Ultra-Modern 144sqft Tiny House

This Ultra-Modern tiny house is just 144sqft of living area in total and was built by Josh he is a professional carpenter and is the smallest model you can build yourself.

The Exterior of the Tiny House

The exterior of this tiny house is very unique and beautiful it’s a black tint design with white windows and sliding doors, and it looks very appealing.The overhang on the roof is pretty beautiful you could even put solar panels on top of these
if you want to make this off the grid.

The decking all around it is gorgeous you got two sliding doors and a couple of chairs up here to lounge and look at the charming view where this one is at.

Inside the Tiny House

The inside of this tiny house is very beautiful and modern looks bright and airy space it’s just a 12 by 12 room.

There is a nice bench it’s very high quality with a couple of chairs right here this could be used as an office space and above it there is a couple of floating shelf.

The Living Space of the Tiny House

The main thing in here is this couch it also converts into a bed it’s a pretty nice space so you can take a rest in here it is just a comfortable spot for you.

There is a small TV and there’s a mini fireplace over here electric and you have a mini cooler fridge in the corner.

The Outdoor Space

The outside of this tiny house is plenty of space there is a boat and a fenced wood fence blocking this tiny house in front of the rest of all the buildings and everything.

In this section is your fire pit area it has plenty of space for you there is a fire pit right in the middle and six chairs it’s a pretty nice spot to relax and enjoy with your friends and your family. Tiny house

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