Tiny House – The Scandinavian Cabin on Private Lake

In this episode, we will see The Scandinavian Tiny House on a Private Lake.

Welcome to the gorgeous tiny house located in Waco, Texas, it is just 550 square feet
on Live Oak Lake so the view is very beautiful and you just feel relaxed while staying here.

The Exterior of the Tiny House

This cabin looks incredible there is black metal on the exterior it’s a Scandinavian style the metal on the roof is gorgeous, and the black wood on the back also looks amazing.

The Kitchen Space

When you walk inside you’re in a hallway space and the first thing you will see is your kitchen, this kitchen right here is all along this right wall and there is a huge window in the middle for some lighting in here. This is a black kitchen with the tile in the back and the black countertop right here even with the black sink the wood cabinetry all around is beautiful. On this side, are your cabinets and your full-size refrigerator and there is a hot plate right here and then below there is and mini oven slash microwave.

The Bathroom of the Tiny House

This is a pretty-sized bathroom you got your vanity on the right of your toilet and then your shower is a tiled shower with a bathtub as well and there is a window in here for some good lighting.

The First Bedroom

This is your first bedroom this is not the main one it’s a pretty small bedroom with a king-size bed and a window on a bedhead and then your closet on the right side

The Living Space of the Tiny House

This living space is pretty spacious and airy there is glass window everywhere which lets you overlook the pond and just great natural lighting there is a lot of furniture in here on the right side, you have an L-shape couch and then you got your dining table with four chairs, and then across from this is your coffee table.

The Loft Space

This is the main bedroom space it’s pretty open you got the bed right in the middle a skylight of course and on the other side there is a small closet space with hangers and a spot put your luggage.

The Outdoor Space

This is your patio space on the front side, of your tiny house with a couple of chairs and a fireplace, and then your hot tub on the other side you got a commons area, picnic table, grill, swings and there is a huge community fire pit.

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