Tiny house-The Gorgeous Scandinavian 400sqft House!

In this episode, we will see a Gorgeous Scandinavian 400sqft Tiny House in Windham, New York.

This tiny house is located near the Cast Skill Mountains it’s a great place for skiing and snowboarding or you can do a lot of things here.

The Exterior of this tiny house is beautiful with verticle wood siding outdoor patio and a fire pit you’re surrounded by beautiful nature as well and far enough away from all the other cabins to keep yourself some privacy.

The fire pit is fun and they provide everything you need for you there is also an outdoor shower for the summer months and there is a sauna it’s very comfortable.

The Living Room Space Of This Tiny House

This living room is all open and a pretty large space there’s a couch that you pull out into bed over here some books are hanging up on the other wall and right in the middle, there are some shelves and a cabinet with more books and some games inside.

Behind this shelve, there are two wall lights and the lamp over by the window.

On the right side of this living room, there is a small closet to store your stuff you can hang your jackets or clothes and this is where your towels are.

On the left side, there is a smaller space that is the ridder’s nook a table spans across the wall with some lights and a nice fun typewriter and there’s also some coffee supplies water, and a guidebook to Eastwind.

The Bathroom Area

This bathroom is very spacious there is a huge mirror on this wall with your farmhouse style sink the toilet on the left and a walk-in tiled shower on the right against this wall huge tiled squares for the shower with a window behind you that you can close up.

The Patio Area Of This Tiny House

This patio area is very cozy there is a rustic table in the middle and if you want to open things up even more though you can slide the rest of the windows to have the space completely open.

The Loft Space Of This Tiny House

This loft space has a queen-size bed and a huge triangular window it’s just a cozy space and there are the nets they use for dividers all around up here it looks very great.

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