Tiny House on Volcanic Lava in Hawaii

In the episode, we will see a Tiny House on Volcanic Lava in Hawaii located in Pāhoa, Hawaii, United States.

Tiny house

This Tiny House is so Top of the lava it’s so amazing and it’s not hot, anything it has been dried up since and you can see the ripples and the lava flow it is just this deep black color.

Tiny house

The Living room

This living room is very beautiful you also have a couch and table so you can seat and reading magazines and enjoy your day.

Tiny house

The Kitchen of the Tiny House

In the Kitchen, you have your slink in middle with the huge window and on the right side you have a fridge and all of these cabinets underneath and all around it the floating shelves with all of your dishes and you got a propane burner.

Tiny house

And you can bring it out and cook some stuff out by the dining table that just has all of the things you need.

The First Bedroom

This is your bed and all around you got a couple of shelves so you can hang your clothes and store your luggage it is just really beautiful.


The Bathroom of this tiny house

This is your bathroom it is great so you have a toilet and another side you sink and head shower and the mirror on the wall.


The Second bedroom of this Tiny house

This bedroom has two beds and you can climb up this ladder and then they’re right on top you can bring your friend or your family.

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