This Tiny House MONGOLIAN YURT is located in Arizona, United States.

Tiny house

This place is very very secluded of all you drive up towards the grand canyon and ride on the roads and an amazing place.

Tiny house

The outside is a very gorgeous circular tent it is peaceful and private something interesting.

The Exterior of the Tiny House

This inside looks way smaller on the outside than it is but it’s very large so we can sleep six people as you can see there are beds all around as well and it’s a really nice vibe very impressed.

Tiny house

It’s nice and cozy and it doesn’t feel like a tent so if you continue from that bed you got this huge chest or case that has blankets in it but above it you have lanterns.

Tiny house

The First Sleeping Area in Tiny House

The first bed is very nice so you also have a rack you got shelves and decorations and bags this is just an area to kind of store your stuff if you need it.


The Second Bedroom in Tiny House

The second bedroom is a nice bedroom with some nice cabinet area to store some stuff and also have these little racks to put your luggage in right here and it’s just really nice.   

Tiny house

The Third Sleeping

The third is basically the same they have the same style the decor is really nice and right next to that you have your seating lounge area this place is really neat it’s kind of on the ground basically with the MONGOLIAN.

Tiny house

The Kitchen

This kitchen is typically you have all your dishes over here and they have cookware as well they have a propane stove top right here to cook anything and also have a little mini fridge.

The Bathroom

The bathroom is located outside on the right side have a shower it is heated they just have this huge tank right behind it full of water and you just turn it on and the water is hot and cold outside of that you have an outdoor sink.

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