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Tiny House – Minimal 360sqft Ololo Tiny House!

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In this episode, we will see a Charming Minimal 360sqft Ololo Tiny House

Welcome to the Charming 360sqft Ololo tiny house located in Fredericksburg, Texas, in this property, you got four tiny houses with a huge tree right in the middle, and at night this tree is lit up and it just looks like a magical area from all the lights.Tiny house

The Exterior of the Tiny House

This tiny house is very beautiful and unique you have a huge front patio area and you have some seating options there’s a sliding door that leads inside the home and the wood and everything in this area is very nice.

Inside the Tiny House

The inside of this tiny house is pretty minimal on the right side, is your bedroom space there is a supermassive bed in the middle and you also have nightstands on each side and two tiny window above that.

The Kitchenette of the Tiny House

This is a small kitchen area it’s a little mini kitchen is has a refrigerator and a microwave, your coffee station which is pretty nice and just a couple of other decor pieces.

The Bathroom

The last part of this tiny house is your bathroom space it’s a super-massive bathroom it’s bright and clean and very beautiful.On the left side, is your gorgeous vanity and it just fits in with all the decor in this entire tiny house and then right behind that you have a hanger with your towels you have some robes right here. Continue along you have your toilet on the right side, and then on the left side, you have your massive walk-in shower the tiling here is gorgeous.

The Outdoor Shower

This is your private fenced-in area the first thing you see on the right is a private hot tub for two and right behind that is your outdoor shower and a couple of seating options just a nice touch to have.

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