TINY HOUSE LOFT AIRBNB! | Eye-Catching Studio Loft

In the episode, we will see a TINY HOUSE LOFT AIRBNB | Eye-Catching Studio Loft! Located in Yellow Springs Ohio.


This is a beautiful Tiny house color with three different textures it’s just all jig-jagged it looks really cool the middle is orange and the right is yellow and then the right is blue with the wood

and this place looks really unique.


The Living room

This room is you got a couch with two seating and you have a smart TV and some pictures on the wall.


And you have a little booth seating area so you can fit four people and it looks very nice.


The Kitchen this house

There is a kitchen it has a large space and has a lot of countertops, so you can see the dishes and all the utensils dishes. and then you got a big fridge so you can put the food and drink in there.


The Bathroom this house

This bathroom is a full-size bathroom it’s not tiny at all the shower is absolutely huge just for size comparison you could fit four people four or five people in the shower.

The Bedroom this house

This room is really bright and the window is on the top of this bed you can come and relax if you want.

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