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TINY HOUSE is The Size Of a Garage It’s Really Cute

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In the episode, we will see Her TINY HOUSE is the size of a garage it’s really cute and located in OAKLAND, Canada.

This tiny house is 280 square feet and it’s an accessory dwelling unit it was built on the footprint of the original garage and this tiny house is a two million dollar barrier to entry in this phase and saving money so we can buy a home for the future.

In this place, you got a private garden and it’s really blessed to have this area for your private youth really creates a cozy space to welcome all of your friends and family, and all this beautiful furniture that is made of acacia wood so that it’s outdoor-friendly we custom sewed a cover for all furniture using vinyl shower curtains so that’s pretty cool and we also have a fire pit it’s cozy and you can enjoy and relax.

This is your desk right underneath this window in this Nook because we want to have the natural light from the window and it just feels good to sit in this spot we spend the bulk of the time here working so it’s so been a cozy spot to work from and we has a lot of inspiration it’s been a good space for you.

There’s your sewing table it is beautiful and loves to have a separate sewing studio but that’s not in the cards at this moment it’s coming manifesting but for now, we made the best out of living and working in this space and so we have a table that every tiny house owner has.

The bedroom

This is your bed it is very beautiful so you have a queen-size bed here and you also have a plant hanging on the wall and you have a big window and you can look at the view from the outside.

Tiny house

The Bathroom of the tiny house

In the bathroom you can see a shower these built-in shelves have been lifesavers we want to add a handmade piece to the bathroom so we designed and made this macrame plant holder then we add another little shelf here to the house.

Tiny house

The Kitchen of this tiny house

There’s your kitchen it’s comfortable and you have a fridge and we keep the essentials like non-dairy milk and juices and fresh fruit and that as your daily supplies and then the pad your meals with the other methods and in the kitchen, there’s your have a microwave and the counter and this kitchen is very cool in here.

Tiny house

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