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TINY HOUSE is Absolutely Stunning

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In the episode, we will see TINY HOUSE is Absolutely Stunning located in NewYork.

The outside of my house it’s a 24-foot-long trailer eight and a half feet wide with dual axles got a butterfly roof on top the vertical siding is reclaimed cedar wood it’s about 100 years old, and this space was really important to me just you know tool storage as well as having a designated space where it was easy to get to all of my utilities my water heater it’s a dual system.

Inside of the home when we were thinking about creating the space we really love something that felt bright and airy and open while also creating a bit of warmth so to do that we really want to start with kind of a backdrop of smooth white walls and then from there we could white wall and them from there, the white is really nice to contrast with a lot of the wood we got 100-year-old reclaimed wood here, and the couch is beautiful.

the kitchen

The kitchen was pretty simple to build out these are all Ikea cabinets and pretty straightforward what we did have to do with these though because there’s the wheel well behind it we had to cut out space in the cabinets to fit those wheel wells so some of the drawers, for example, for washing produce anything like that any sort of prep work we spent a lot of time searching for a fridge that was closer to regular size than you know just a mini fridge this thing is the counter depth which makes a huge difference in a small space you don’t have something taking up you know an extra four to six inches of space got plenty of space in here for everything we need I’ve got two freezer drawers a lot of great extra space.

The house this is my sink space we got a decent amount of storage down below got some extra storage space in the medicine cabinet here for kind of my go-to things every morning this is my little spa shower we wanted something that was kind of moody and dark and when we really feeling like we need to we dim the lights in here and we got my eucalyptus we turn on some music and it’s just somewhere we can come and unwind the tile finish we really excited about it matches my countertop it did add about 700 pounds of weight to the house.


the loft of the house

The loft bed room is nice and cozy up here have a couple of small windows that let the morning light in it’s really nice just kind of lay here, and this is my storage loft kind of holds everything else that doesn’t fit down below got all the rest of my sneakers in my sneaker boxes up here got these pull out drawers which are great for the kind of out of season clothes it’s a good extra use of space if we really wanted to it would fit a blow-up mattress anything like that if we had a guest that needed to come to stay.


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