Tiny House – Gorgeous Black Off-Grid Cabin By The River

In this episode, we will see a Gorgeous Tiny House Off-Grid By The River

Tiny house

This tiny house sits in an incredible location it’s surrounded by mountains and beautiful scenery it’s a peaceful place to live in and reset your mind.

The Exterior of the Tiny House

This black tiny cabin is pretty beautiful there is a long and huge windows everywhere with beautiful wood below its 54 squares on the bottom and the mezzanine is around 24.

The Living Space of the Tiny House

This tiny house is quite high which makes this house feel very spacious you got a comfortable couch right in the middle with some pillows it’s very beautiful.

Right behind this couch is your bookshelf and then two chairs near the window where you can enjoy the beautiful view from the outside,

On this side, is another comfortable chair in the corner with a huge window, and right next to that is your fireplace which makes this tiny house feel cozier.

The Kitchen of the Tiny House

The kitchen of this tiny house is not too big but still has everything that you need there is your countertop space with a huge and deep sink right in the middle and some floating shelves above.


There is a stovetop it’s a three-burner stovetop with some drawers right behind it to store anything and you got a full-size fridge as well.

The Bedroom Space

This is a lovely cozy space there is plywood everywhere and you got a king-size bed right in the middle it’s very comfortable and then your nightstand is on each side. On this side, is your storage space below this huge window so you can overlook your beautiful property as well.

The Bathroom Space

This bathroom is quite spacious there is a full-size walk-in shower right in the corner with the glass door and right behind that, you got a little window and artwork.On this side, is your vanity space with a huge mirror, and then the last part is your flushing toilet.

The Loft Space

This is your loft area it’s the last part of your tiny house you got a queen-size bed right in the middle with a huge window and a smart TV on the bedhead.

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