Tiny House – Epic Truck Camper Built for Off-Grid

In this episode, we will see an Epic Tiny House on a Truck Built for Off-Grid

Welcome to the unique and epic tiny house on a truck that was built for off-grid this truck is a 1996 ford f-350 with a 7.3 power stroke diesel engine.

The Exterior of the Tiny House

The exterior of this tiny house is very unique and beautiful it’s pretty small and perfectly built it’s very nice for a person.

There is a little ladder and some storage in front which you can sit here and keep anything in here as well.

There is a window and a wood barn door with more two little windows and on top of the roof, you got the chimney which is for the wood stove.

Inside the Tiny House

The inside of this house is pretty tiny but still has everything that you need the first thing on this tiny house is your three-burner cooktop which you can cook your food in here as well.

Right behind this stove is your fireplace it’s not impossible that this house still has this part and then a floating shelf to store anything and then your couch right behind that.

The Living Space of the Tiny House

In this tiny house, you got two couches as well it’s a six-foot-long couch that you can sleep
and enjoy your time here.

You can fold these couches to be a bed as well and you can take a nap it’s super comfortable and then you got a window right behind that where you can watch the beautiful view.There is a TV in the middle of this tiny house it’s very awesome that this tiny house has it’s perfect for people who love trips and adventures you can go to the perfect spot everywhere because this tiny house is on the truck. Tiny house

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