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Tiny House – Charming Mica Cabin with Dual Bed Design.

In this episode, we will see a Charming Tiny House with Dual Bed Design.

This tiny house is located in Ontario, Canada.
This tiny house is located in Ontario, Canada.

This tiny house has called Mica cabin located in Ontario, Canada, it’s a 20-foot-long tiny house on wheels with some unique design features.

The Living Area of The Tiny House

This living space of the tiny house is not too big but it’s very comfortable to stay there is a comfy couch and a coffee table and a large window above that.

This living space is very bright and airy you can open the window or open the door to get some fresh air and a beautiful view from the outside. tiny house

The Kitchen of the Tiny House

This kitchen is very unique you’ve got a sink and a four-burner stove, a small bar, a fridge underneath, and then lots of storage.

There is a flip-up table underneath the sink for extra counter space or you can use it if you want to take the stools out and get some meal the back of this counter there are a lot of shelves where you store anything you want.

You can open up this garage door and get a nice indoor/outdoor space.
You can open up this garage door and get a nice indoor/outdoor space.

The Bedroom Area of the Tiny House

The bedroom of the tiny house is a double bed design it is very comfortable for two people with two huge windows at the top and behind this bed to get more beautiful and feels cozy in this tiny house.

The Loft Area

This loft area is very huge there is a queen-size bed, and it is large enough for 2 people to comfortably have a large window behind it and some shelves to store anything you want it’s a nice space for your kid or a couple.

The Bathroom Space

This bathroom is just a toilet with a composting toilet and a lot of shelves behind this toilet you can store your shampoo and your bathroom untensil and there are some hooks t store your clothes, behind it, is a mini window.

You also have an outdoor shower it has hot and cool water it’s an on-demand system. it’s unlimited hot water and cool water all your need as long as you want to shower.

The Outdoor Space

The outdoor space of this tiny house is very spacious there is a table with two chairs which you can enjoy some dinner with your friend or your family.

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